Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas Freebie Friday #46

Merry Christmas Everyone!  It has come to my attention that I need a vacation.  LOL.  I am going to be taking a week off from blogging and You Tubing.  I will be back on Monday December 29th... REFRESHED and ready for a new year.  See below to see if you won a gift this month!

TODAY is FREEBIE FRIDAY.  That means I will be choose 5 people from my mailing list to get a gift.  Today is the day!

If you are not on my mailing list JOIN HERE.  You get wonderful free tutorials and my Top 5 Super Secret Family Recipes.  

This months winners are:  April G, Kaye B, Karen H, Maxine L, Amy S.

YEAR END CLEARANCE - Don't forget to check out the clearance rack and order some of the holiday stuff you want.

Holiday Catalog will be expiring soon.  If there's anything you can't live without it's a good time to order it.  Order online HERE.

NEED A NEW 2015 Occasions Catalog (Spring Catty).  Please sign up here.

Have a Merry Christmas - See you on December 29th!!
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Attack of the Battery....

A battery fell on me this week.  Let me back up.
Over the weekend I hosted a team event here at my house.  I invited all my team members to come over and play with the new 2015 Stampin' UP! Occasions Catalog stuff.  We had a great time. Then...

On Sunday morning my Mom calls me and says "My car won't start can you drive me to get a battery."  Well yes of course I can Mommy.  But I have church and hubby is gone and then I have my team event at 3pm.  This is going to be tricky.  Immediately after church I leave to get Mom.  My sweet Father In Law saved the day by coming and taking the old battery out of her car for us to take down to Wal Mart.  We get to Wal Mart and the line is forever long.  OH YEAH, it's like a week before Christmas.  Everyone is out doing Christmas shopping, etc.  

I go over to the battery area to use that book they have hanging from the shelves to look up what battery we need for her car.  WHEN ALL THE SUDDEN... a battery from the top shelf hurls its self off the shelf, bashing me in the arm and landing, splat, on the ground.  Battery acid went everywhere including on my feet and pants.  I stood there bashed in the arm, sprayed in battery acid trying to decide how to react.  Here's my bruise.  It doesn't look that impressive but I am telling you it hurts.  

I go over to the manager of the automotive department immediately and tell him what happened.  He looks at me with that "Oh CRAP" kind of look.  The look that makes you become concerned with the situation.  He says "You need to come with me."  He takes me in the back room and makes a baking soda paste and starts rubbing it all over my feet and pants.  Talk about awkward.  It's not everyday a WalMart associate rubs you down with baking soda.  I hope you are getting a visual.  Apparently baking soda neutralizes acid in batteries. YAY!  So crisis averted.  No chemical burns and it did not eat a hole in my jeans or my feet.  But probably the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.  

As if that weren't weird enough....What makes it even more weird is I have a battery phobia.  YES a battery phobia.  I do not touch batteries.  If I have to change batteries I use a towel to touch them.  I hate them, WHY you ask... I got burned with BATTERY ACID as a child on my hands.  I handled an old flashlight and it had acid all over it.  NICE right.  My sister found this irony HILARIOUS.  She called me laughing hysterically and said "Mom told me what happened.  Oh the irony."  Oh the sisterly love.

So that is the story of the attack of the batteries.  Oh and Mom's car is running again.  We finally managed to get a battery.  She's all fixed up again.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

$7900 Christmas Tree That is a Wowza Wednesday #16

During my Founders Circle trip earlier this year we got to participate in decorating some beautiful Christmas Trees.   Stampin' UP! told us that they were going to be using these trees to give away for the Festival of Trees event in Salt Lake City.  This event brings in money for the Primary Childrens Hospital located in Salt Lake City.  We found out yesterday that the trees we decorated brought in $7900 in the auction.  YAY! Go Stampin' UP! for donating that much money to the Childrens Hospital.

Praise the Lord.

Here are photos of the trees.  Below is a picture of the ornament I worked on with my buddy.  I made about 15 of them with my friend Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen and I had a lot of good laughs gluing all of these buttons on these stars.  They were fun to make, but very time consuming.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Celebrate Today - 2015 Stampin' UP! Occasions Catalog Sneak Peek

I am taking a little break from Christmas stuff today, to share with you some Birthday stuff.  Our new 2015 Stampin' UP! Occasions Catalog is full of wonderful stamp sets, and some AWESOME new Birthday stuff in particular.  Here are several samples I have made using the new Celebrate Today Stamp set and Framelits.

Save 15% and get this as a bundle when it comes available.  Celebrate Today Bundle Item #138869 $36.25.

If you need a 2015 Stampin' UP! Occasions Catalog and Sale A Bration Catalog, contact me today.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Star Decoration

I have to give Ronda Wade a BIG thank you.  I saw her video on how to do this star and FELL IN LOVE.  I thought I would share it with all of you, in case you haven't seen it on her blog.  It's beautiful.  AND SO EASY

I had a fun get together with my team over the weekend.  I had the stuff out so that everyone could make this star.

Here is the video on how to put this awesome star together.

All you need to make these awesome stars you can purchase in my online store.  Here are the items you need.  Just click on the images below and you can order right online.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Retired Stamp sets for Sale #2 Freebie Friday #45

I have more retired stamp sets for sale.  Please EMAIL ME AT if you want one.  This is the only way you can save your set.  I will not be responding to blog comments or you tube comments for purchase of sets. :)  
Shipping is to US only.  Shipping is $2.50 per set unless otherwise stated in video.

Here is the video.  Below the video is a list of retired stamp sets that are available for sale.

TODAY is FREEBIE FRIDAY.  And it's a new month.  That means I will be choose 5 people from my mailing list to get a gift.  If you are not on my mailing list JOIN HERE.  You get wonderful free tutorials and my Top 5 Super Secret Family Recipes.  
I will choose the 5 winners at the end of the month.  Make sure you give me your mailing address when you sign up.


Delicate Doilies (clear-used) - SOLD
Button Buddies (clear-used)-Pending Payment
Another Great Year (clear-used)-Pending Payment
Simple Stems (clear-used) - SOLD
Calm Christmas (clear-used) - SOLD
Morning Post (clear-used)-Pending Payment
You're Lovely (clear-used-SAB)
Extra Spectacular (clear-used)
Happy Watercolor (clear-used) - SOLD
Best of Flowers (clear-used)
Language of Love (clear-used) - SOLD
ABC Outline & Sketch (2 sets clear -used $15) - SOLD
Loving Thoughts (clear-used) - SOLD
Amazing Family (clear-used)-Pending Payment
Take it To Heart (wood-new, never used, $6 shipping) - SOLD
Sweet Centers (wood-new, never used, $6 shipping)

Please just email me which sets you would like.  I will send you a paypal invoice.  If your invoice is not paid in 24 hours I will re-list the stamp set as available.  Stamp sets will be mailed 1-2 business days after receiving payment.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity in a Big Family

Living in a big family isn't always easy... But I have 5 tips that I have learned over the years that help me keep my sanity and live in harmony (most of the time)

1.  Food.  Feeding the natives always calms everyone down and makes us feel loved.  I know it's not right.  We are not supposed to associate food with love, but really who doesn't.  Making yummy food and sharing recipes is one of the many glues that holds us together.  Almost everyone in my family enjoys cooking and loves to exchange recipes.

This is my grandparents kitchen bar.  The number of meals served to my family from this very spot are immeasurable.

2.  Having some dirt on each other.  When you live in a big family it's important to have dirt on each other.  You know, a story they wouldn't want leaked to the media.  This keeps everyone in check.  If everyone knows that someone else in the family knows something scandalous about them it keeps them from being a jerk and leaking your goods.  Let's face it, we all have dirt, some is worse than others.  No one wants their dirt out there for the world to see.  So when you have a blogger in the family you might have reason to be nervous (just kidding I would never tell the really good stuff, unless I had to out of self defense)

These little ladies are too young to have dirt... Must be nice.

3.  Realize that some of you suck.  Yes some of your family members suck.  You have the addict, or the blow hard, or the "I'm always right" person, or the "political person" (oh yeah that's me).  The truth is we all have something that someone else probably doesn't like at some point or another.  HOWEVER, the key is realizing that sometimes they are not your favorite person but sometimes you probably aren't their favorite person either.  When you realize this you are much more likely to forgive their flaws, because they have had to forgive yours. (ps - addict comment only refers to current addicts that are making your life miserable, not the recovering ones)

4.  Reminisce.  Reminisce about good stuff.  Sometimes in my family things can't get tense if we are discussing touchy subjects.  Or they are just boring, that happens too.  One of my favorite things to do is play the "Remember when" game.  If you say remember when Uncle Dan shot himself in the leg... this tends to lighten the mood and make things much more entertaining.  (yes Uncle Dan really did shoot himself in the leg, we'll save this story)

The photo at the top - that is Uncle Dan.  He's funny.  (he's my favorite uncle, shhhh don't tell anyone)

5.  Love.  Love on each other.  No matter what.  I will be the first to admit, there are a few characters in my family that are less than my favorite people.  In fact I don't really like them. LOL.  BUT they are family and I do LOVE them.  If they needed anything, ever, I would be there to help them.  Because that is what family is for.  If you know in the pit of your stomach, the depths of your soul these are the people you could go to if you needed something, then you've got it made.

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