I’m So Thankful, Here’s How I Show It – Free Printable


HEY!  Thanks for stopping today.  I love sending thank you gifts and cards to my customers.

I spent an entire afternoon cranking out 30 file tab Thank You cards for my customers and stuffing them with rhinestones.  (pssst….if you order from me in the next week or so you’ll get one of these)

I set the pieces up in assembly line fashion and it was pretty easy and went quicker than I expected.  I used the retiring Designer Series Paper Stack Brights for the cards.  I love this paper and am super sad to see it go.


The creative process can be interesting.  I keep a bag of 12×12 retired patterned paper in my 12×12 paper stacks.  I use this retired paper to work on prototypes for ideas I am working on.

Here you can see I had to rework this idea 3 times before I got it just the right size for my rhinestones.

I wanted my tab on the card to stick up past the rhinestones.


Since I went through formulating the correct measurements (doesn’t that sound fancy and smart).  I thought I would share the tutorial with you for FREE!  I love free printables.  Just click the link below to download and print the PDF Printable.


Speaking of FREE printables.  I created these cool labels to go on my packages that I put happy mail in.  You can download and print these on Avery #8163 labels or just print them on plain card stock and tape them on the package.  Anyone would be thrilled to get a package with this cute sticker on it.



Check out the video below to get a visual of how these cards are put together.  Make sure you place an order in my online store if you want one of these cool customer thank you’s.

Clearance rack has been updated and retiring items list is out!  Get stuff at a discount.

The supplies used on these cards are listed below.  Just click on them to place an order.


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Getting Our Grub On, Punjabi Style


Meet our friend Deep.  He’s the dude on the right.  Deep is one of my hubby’s best friends in all the world.  It just so happens among his many talents Deep is punjabi, which means NEW FOOD for us.  I have only had indian food one time in my life.  So I asked Deep if he would spend the evening teaching me and my sis in law Lindsey how to cook punjabi food.


We started out by making raita.  We used greek yogurt and took about a half of cucumber and grated it.  Then Deep squeezed the grated cucumber over the sink to get all the extra juice out of it.  We mixed it into the yogurt and added salt and pepper.  It is a delicious dip.  Such a fresh and light dip, great for summer time.  I dipped my tomatoes and cucumbers in it.  It took tomatoes and cucumbers to a whole new level.


We cooked chicken curry on the BBQ.  Deep suggested we cook outside because indian food could give the house a distinct smell that you may not want hanging out.  So I was cool with that.  I thought it was super fun to BBQ all the food.  That way everyone could hang out and visit.


Included in our awesome meal we had basmati rice.  On another BBQ we cooked tandoori chicken.  Um, I burned it.  Yep I did.  I didn’t mean to, but there was so much going on I let it sit too long.  We still ate it though and it as yummy.


Katina was over visiting with her kiddos and she couldn’t resist getting in on this awesome grub.


One of my favorite things in the whole world is food and family.  In my life my friends ARE my family.   I believe that love is thicker than blood.  I truly love these people with all my heart.  (especially the super hunky one on your right, closest to the screen) He really melts my butter.


I hope you enjoyed our fun night of hanging out.  Wish you could’ve been there with us.  OH, and no weekend dinner night is complete at the Cranford house without an evening fire.



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Take This Advice Now, Save Yourself Heart Ache Later Stampin’ UP! Retiring List is HERE

Every single year it’s the same old story.  
I say to everyone, “Hey the retiring list is here. Here it is. You better buy what you want NOW, because it’s going to be GONE.”
I get the agreeable nod.  With the following “Oh- ok”
One week LATER.
Ring… ring…. 
Me: “Hello”
Person: “Hey, I wanted to get the retiring in color stamp pads and I can’t put it in on the order online.  It says product is discontinued.”
Me: “Because they are sold out”
​I hold the phone out from my ear, waiting for the inevitable squeal.
Person: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? What? It’s only been on the list a week”
Me: “Nope.  I am not kidding you.  THIS IS WHY I TOLD YOU to order the stuff you wanted RIGHT AWAY.  IT sells out”
​Person: “I thought you were just saying that to get me to buy stuff from you.”
Me: “Nope. I really really love you and was looking out for you.  But you didn’t believe me.”
Person: “Son of a &$&#*.  Now what.”
Me: “I dunno.  When it’s gone it’s gone baby.  So sorry.  You can see if you can buy it on eBay for 5 times the price you would’ve paid last week”
Person is left with HEART ACHE.
PLEASE DON’T BE PERSON!  Person ends up not getting what she wanted and feeling frustrated and annoyed because she didn’t order the minute the retiring list came out.


  • If you see something you want … GET IT…. Person will not do this.  Person will ignore this and call me in a week and be mad she didn’t get the stamp set or the ink pads or the whatever.  And I will have to tell person, sorry about your bad luck.  I HATE THAT.

  • These items ARE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!!!
There are a lot of discounted products on the retiring list.  Order right away and make sure you get what you want.  You will regret it later if you don’t.
Since you will probably not be PERSON…. I think I should give you a free gift.  If you place an order this week from the retiring list I will send you a FREE pack of rhinestones as a reward for NOT procrastinating and being sad later.  YAY!  It’s a win win!
If you have any questions about the retiring list feel free to contact me.  You can email me by clicking on the CONTACT ME button over on the right hand side of my blog.
Here is a cute video on some of the favorite retiring products.

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A Gift For Juniper

juniper box stampin up

Juniper is one of the cutest names I can possibly think of.  My cousin and her husband had a sweet baby girl.  They struggled deciding on a name.  In fact, she was born, and they still weren’t settled on a name.  When I found out they chose the name Juniper, I am about fainted.  It’s the cutest name in the whole entire world right (well except for Macie) HA!

notecards stampin up

I love how this stationery turned out.  I realize that Juniper won’t be able to use it, BUT I don’t care.  Her Mommy can use it and write thank you notes on her behalf.  Which I am sure she will do.

I created these fun cards & box in a few really simple steps.  I only felt it appropriate to give you the FREE printable tutorial to make your own Juniper Box and Notecards.


If you’ve not tried your hand at calligraphy, you should.  It’s super fun.  Takes practice but you can do some pretty cute stuff fairly easy.  I have a video below showing you how I created the cards.  Enjoy.

I have included a supply list below of all the goodies I used to make this project.  You can purchase them in my online store by clicking on the images below.
Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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Stamp Out Autism Blog Hop #2


I am back with Stamp Out Autism Blog Hop #2.  YAY!  So excited.  If you are here from Katina Martinez’s blog, welcome.  We want you to sit back relax and push the next button at the bottom of each blog post :)  You can go through and check out all the cool projects.

I created this project for my nephew Caleb.  Caleb is autistic and one of his fixations is trains.  This fella can tell you everything you would ever want to know about trains.  He’s brilliant.  So excited about the card I made for him, and he really liked it.

stampin up train card

The inside of the card is probably as fun as the front.  I really love how it turned out, and using the Stamp A Majig made it so easy to get a really cool train track.

stampin up train card

Here’s a quick tip for you.  If you have basic rhinestones and you want them to be in other colors.  Just use a sharpie marker and color them.  That is how I turned the rhinestones on the front of this card black.

craft tip

So now let’s get down to business.  We are doing this blog hop in hopes to raise money for the Autism Society.  We want to be clear about our goal.  There are thousands of dollars needed to do research to help those with autism.

And by donating a little cash, you are helping so many people in need.  Therapies are so expensive and they are so needed for many people with autism.  Even if you can only donate $1.  We are blessed to have it.  Please note that my friend Lee Conrey opened a link with Autism Society and so when you donate you will see her face and her name but we are all working toward the same cause!

autism donate now


I created a video for you because I knew that you would want to see how I used that awesome stamp a majig.  Side note: I love saying stamp a majig.

My time with you is over… time to hop on over to Rhonda Morgan’s blog and enjoy her awesome talents.



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Worm Wishes, Kids Birthday Card

worm wishes stampin up

Melon Mambo, Pear Pizzazz and Basic Black are the most wonderful fun colors put together.  Individually they are awesome colors.  But all put together, they are like some sort of super power color combo.  They are so bright, and girlie, and whimsical.  I created this Worm Wishes Kids Birthday Card for the Stylin’ Stampin’ INKspiration challenge.  Make sure you go over to SSINK to check out all the designers cards.

stampin up kids birthday cards

The layering for this card is really simple.  However I wanted to do a video so you could see the coloring technique I used on the cute worm.

Below you can find a supply list of the goodies I used to make this card.  It’s scrumptious… If you need some fab melon mambo or pear pizzazz for your spring and summer card making you can pick it up by clicking on the images below.

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3 Moms Day Cards, 1 Anyone Can Make

mothers day cards Have you ever heard a mom say?  Oh please buy me a card.  I would much rather have a store bought card from you than one you made.  UM NO.  You haven’t heard that because no Mom in her right mind would say that.  If you are reading this and you’ve told your child that, I make no apology for my earlier statement. HAHA.

There is something about receiving a handmade card that just brings a new level of joy in the receiving.  It’s like you are getting so much more than a card. You know that this person, to whom you have given birth.  Took the time to sit down and craft something from their heart for you.  Is there honestly a greater expression of love, than one’s time?  I think not.

I really got touchy feely there.  Sorry.  My point is. MAKE.  A.  CARD.  FOR.  YOUR.  MOM.  (or Mum, or Mama, or Mommy, or whatever you call her)

I have provided you three options throughout this post.  Novice, Intermediate and Difficult.  I wanted to provide you three options.  Mainly, so you can’t say, “I don’t have all that stuff”.  The novice card covers, needing no extra STUFF.

simple mothers day card stampin up

The Novice Mothers Day Card – Super simple with one stamp a piece of ribbon. Anyone could make this card no matter your skill level.

Mother’s day is fast approaching.  It will be here before you know it.  Don’t be the dud with no handmade card.

In the super sad event that your Mom has left our earthly home and has gone on to be with the Lord, or some other bummer circumstance and she’s not around, you still have a Mom somewhere that needs a card.  She may not be your Mom.  Make a friend a card that’s a Mom.  She will appreciate it very much.

petite petals mothers day card

This is my speed. I love cards like this. Simple but beautiful. Painted petals paper and stamp set is all you need. Ok and a few ink colors.


Mom’s make the world go round after all.  Hug a Mom, love a Mom.  If you are a Mom.  Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and give yourself a hug.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Thanks for being a great Mom.  Make yourself a card and write in it your favorite thing about you.  I give you permission to praise yourself.


watercolor mothers day card

YIKES – This is the difficult one. So difficult I can’t do it right, and I am a super stamper HA! I tried my hand at no line watercoloring, first attempt. Yep I am giving it to my Mom. Because she will say it’s pretty no matter what :)

I had to create a video just for you.  I wanted you to see how I created the first two cards.  You really don’t want to see how I did this last one.  It was a disaster. I will keep practicing though, and hopefully get better with time.

Below the video is a supply list of all the tools I used to make the middle card.  Hope you enjoy and if you need any of these goodies you can pick them up in my online store by clicking the images in the supply list.

Here are the supplies used on the Painted Petals card above.  Just click on any of the images to order them in my online store.

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Stamp Out Autism Blog Hop


Welcome!  If you are here you may have just joined me from Mary Fish’s blog.  Or you may just be joining me and finding out you are about to go on a SUPER FUN Blog Hop Tour.  I can’t wait to show you what I created for this blog hop.

My project was so fun to make and has a lot of meaning as well.  My friend Katina who is part of this hop, has a little girl recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I went with Katina and her daughter the day she was evaluated and diagnosed.  Katina is a huge project life fan.  Since she is focusing on documenting her daughters journey, I thought I would make her a project life card and write a special note to her and her daughter on the back of it.  That way she would have a memento for her album from me.

Here is what I created.  I love the way it turned out and the watercolor technique I used to create the background is insanely fun.  BUT I WARN YOU, it’s also addicting.  You will want to keep making cards and projects with this technique.

watercolor background technique

I also put the background image on a card so that you could see what it would look like.  It was hard to photograph the Project Life card in use, since it wasn’t going in one of my albums.

watercolor background

Here is a video for you to check out how I created this awesome background.   Again, I warn you… it will make you an addict of watercolor background techniquing. (no that is not a word, until I add it to wikipedia, then it will be a real thing, ha!)

 WE really hope you are enjoying this hop.  A lot of love thought and care went into organizing this hop.  Our hope is that you will find it in your heart to donate to the Autism Society.  OR to place an order with one of us that has committed to donating our 20% commission to the cause.  Remember there’s FREE shipping, which ends on April 10th at midnight MDT.  So make sure you get your order in before then.
Instead of all of us creating our own link to donate we just used our friend Lee’s link.  She’s part of the hop as well.  So click below to order, and when you see another blond lady’s picture named Lee don’t worry, that is the right place to donate :)
autism donate now
Autism Fact #12 Many children with Autism have a reduced sensitivity to pain but may be extra sensitive to sound, touch or other sensory stimulation – which may result in a reluctance to be hugged or cuddled.
Don’t want to donate?  Place an order and you will be donating with your order.  20% of your order will go to the Amador Autism Group.
stampin up shop
 Keep going!  Have fun hopping around and make sure you donate or order and leave a comment on everyone’s blog (if you wanna, no pressure).  Next up is the talented Rachel Tessman.  Click the next button to go to her blog, or click the previous button to go back to Mary’s blog.
Thanks for stopping by….
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Tips for Quick Card Making

quick card making tips

Making cards quick is a necessity in my life almost all the time.  Especially when I need to mass produce cards.  Here are some of my tips for quick card making.

C.A.S.E = Copy and Share Everything.  This is the best.  The beauty of our craft, is that we are actually ENCOURAGED to copy each other.  So do it.  I hear all the time “How do you come up with your ideas?”  About half the time, I DON’T.  I copy someone.  I might make it my own with a little twist but I copy it.

whats up stampin up

Another tip for quick card making.  Keep your table or crafting counter clean.  That way each time you come into your craft space you are ready to create.  It only take a few minutes to clean up when you are done.  So do it.  You will be glad you did the next time you want to craft.

whats up stampin up

I put together a video for you so you can see how quick and easy it is to make a card with just a few products.

LAST DAY for FREE SHIPPING!  Make sure you get your order in today.  FREE shipping is the BEST.  Below are all the supplies I used to make this card.  You can click the images to order them.

Come back tonight because I have a super fun surprise for you!  :)

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Fantastic Boxes & Gift Packaging

gift packaging stampin up The hubs big 4-0 is fast approaching.  I will need a lot of cards, and a lot of fun gift packaging.  The Stylin’ Stampin’ INKspiration challenge was the perfect challenge for me right now.  It’s helping me get going on my gift packages.

I love Stampin’ UP!’s super fun take out boxes.  You can get 6 of them pre cut and ready to assemble for just $5.95, a buck a box.  Not bad.  Make sure you order some in my online store, FREE SHIPPING this week (April 6-10) and my 20% commission gets donated to Amador Autism Group :)

take out box

I used the fun take out box to hold my gift.  Then of course no gift is complete without a great bow and tag.  The shredded paper puts this adorable gift over the top.  You can get the hand held paper shredder HERE.

gift box stampin up

The Stampin’ UP! Fry Box die has to be one of my favorite dies to ever grace the catalog.  Seriously, it’s ridiculously cute.  I made these two fry boxes to put cute stuff in and give to friends or family.  I am going to give the bee one to my Grandma.  She needs some cheering up these days.

fry box die

Want a video?  Of course you do.  Because let’s face it.  Videos are SO much easier to follow than anything else.  You can pause, and rewind.  YAY!  I did both projects for you, so the video is a bit long.  Enjoy!

REMINDER:  I am donating my 20% commission for the month of April to the Amador Autism Group.  Any orders you place will go towards helping out families struggling with getting funds for therapies for their autistic children.Here are all the supplies I used to create these packages.  Click on any of the images below to order them in my online store.  Don’t forget FREE SHIPPING April 6 – 10.


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