May 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit & My Oops

paper pumpkin stampin up kit may 2015

Last month I managed to do a video and entire blog post titled “May Paper Pumpkin Kit”.  Well it wasn’t May’s kit it was APRIL’S kit!

Good grief Charlie Brown.

When I actually put the kit together and showed it to you all it was in May.  When I normally would’ve gotten my kit.  Therefore I called it incorrectly the May kit.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  I was in vacation mode, what can I say.

I LOVE this month’s Paper Pumpkin Kit.

There were 6 of these adorable cards to stamp and put together.

paper pumpkin stampin up kit may 2015

And there were 4 of these super fab bags to put together, with all the materials, including the sunshine tissue paper.

paper pumpkin stampin up kit may 2015

I have put a video together for you to show you how cute this all went together.  So simple!

Make sure you use promo code: sharethefun when you sign up so that you get two months of Paper Pumpkin 50% off.
Sign Up For Paper Pumpkin

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11 Ideas for Displaying Your Crafts & Cards


What’s up crafty peeps?

I have a fun post for you today.  I am Pinterest obsessed.  I love looking for ideas on how to display my crafts.  I have a fun list for you of 11 really cool craft displays.

Check them out below.

1} Use a vintage suitcase to display your crafts.  What an adorable idea.  Thanks Josie Song.


2} Use cake stands to put boxes on top of.  The tiered looks gives so many cool options. Origami Owl


3} Using an old mirror and turning it into a chicken wire hanger is a great idea for clipping cards to.  Great idea at Start At Home blog.


4} WHO THINKS OF THIS!?  Great idea.  Bed frame redo.  DIY Inspired.


5} Love this. You know I am a mason jar fanatic.  So I love that these tags are neatly displayed in here.  Great job A Fine Farmhouse


6} Found this one on Pinterest but it doesn’t link to anyone’s blog. :(  Bummer when that happens.


7} This is another obsession of mine.  Old suitcases.  I love them.  I absolutely love how they have displayed these.  Good housekeeping always has fun stuff.


8} I love these frames.  Brilliant idea to string wire and clothespins on them.  Love Chic Living posted this cool tutorial.


9} Such an adorable idea over at Pink Paper Peppermints.  Make sure you go to her blog and see all the other ideas she has for displays!  Really amazing.


10} LOVE this display that is actually in the Anthropologie store but was on the Not Just a Housewife blog.  Great ideas.


11} OK this one hits it out of the park for creating genius!  You know those ADORABLE straws we see everywhere.  UM HELLO, what a perfect easel for displaying cards.!  LOVE LOVE THIS!  You can check it out on WANTS AND WISHES Blog


Thanks for stopping by to see all the fun goodies I found on Pinterest.

If you want to follow my awesome Pinterest page you can do so by clicking HERE and then click FOLLOW.


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Pinterest Inspired Card: Everybody’s Going Surfin’…


Everybody’s goin’ surfin’… Surfin USA.  I love that song by the Beach Boys.  (now it will be stuck in your head too, haha)

I found the above picture on Pinterest and since I just left Waikiki, it inspired me to make a card with a beach theme.

I am designing for Stylin’ Stampin’ INKspiration today.  Make sure you hop over to their blog and check out everyone else’s Pinterest inspired cards.


Here is another shot of the card.


The video on how to make this card is below.  Along with a supply list of items that I used on the card.  Just click on any of the items and order them in my online store.

On June 2nd you will be able to order the new in colors used on this card.


As I mentioned in my video you can get two months of Paper Pumpkin 50% off until June 10th.
Check out my friend Denielle’s blog HERE.
And last…. Make sure if to sign up for your free catalog HERE, if you haven’t ordered $50 or more from me in the last 6 months I ask that you pay shipping on the catalog :)  Order online here if you want to get a catalog free.
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Amazing 2015 2016 Stampin’ UP! Catalog Sneak Peeks


These are my card swaps for Hawaii. Love how they turned out.

We are home from Hawaii and spending the day recuperating from traveling.

I HATE the traveling part of traveling.

I like ending up where I am at but I am not a fan of airport security, and tiny plane seats, and taking my shoes off in the airport.  ICK.

However, this is a first world problem, so I will shut up now and be thankful that I get to travel.

I was stunned and amazed by the gorgeous cards made by fellow demonstrators and Stampin’ UP! staff.

Here are several samples from the new 2015 2016 Annual Stampin’ UP! Catalog.  Down at the very bottom you can see my Hawaii swap video.

Don’t forget!!!!  If you need a new catalog CLICK HERE.

Stampin UP Catalog Sneak Peeks




stampin up catalog sneak peek 2015




stampin up catalog sneak peek 2015


stampin up catalog sneak peek 2015




stampin up catalog sneak peek 2015


stampin up catalog sneak peek 2015


That’s a wrap folks.  Beautiful, beautiful stuff at the Share Fair in Hawaii.  I hope you enjoyed.  I will be sharing more over the next couple of weeks.


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We are so excited to be in Hawaii.

Never in a million years would I have thought, I would be one of THOSE people.


You know the ones.  That work for direct selling companies and earn trips, and drive pink cars.

I am so happy I have become one of THOSE people.  HEE HEE!  But it’s all thanks to YOU.

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

My customer, my reader, my You Tube subscriber, my downline, most of whom I can also call my friends.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center

My cup runneth over.  I am always so humbled by the fact that people are willing to support me and help me and my family have a better life.

Several movies and TV Shows were filmed here.  Including Jurassic Park and Lost

Several movies and TV Shows were filmed here. Including Jurassic Park and Lost

Because of you and (ok me too, I do have to work at this) and mostly because of the talents and drive God gave me we are on this amazing vacation.

Hanging out on Waikiki Beach

Hawaii Vacation


Wendy, Kevin & Macie

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Help Yourself Get Out of Crafting Doldrums!

stampin up paper pumpkin kit

If you ever struggle getting crafty, you are not alone.

It happens to me all the time.

I sit down and stare at all the beautiful products I have and think what should I make?  What am I going to make?  Why can’t I think of something?

And there I sit.  Staring.  Thinking.  Pondering.  But not creating.  Getting lost in Pinterest.

Paper Pumpkin is a welcome break in my crafting doldrums. 

Everything I am looking for is in one small beautifully packaged bright orange box.

Perfectly wrapped in the perfect teal tissue paper.  It’s like an oasis of craftiness that I am excited to open each month.


The surprise of what it will be is beyond exciting and offers me a spot of relaxation and joy each month.

Not knowing what will be in that box is like Christmas every single month.  I love surprises.

The best part is. 

I didn’t have to think of what to craft.

I didn’t have to search for the supplies to create it.

I didn’t have to cut anything or prep anything.

I can just open the box, turn on my current Netflix obsession (Andy Griffith reruns) and craft.  In about 30 minutes I have 6-10 completed whatevers.

Sometimes it’s cards.  Sometimes it’s projects.

It’s ALWAYS awesome!

paper pumpkin kit may

You need to get Paper Pumpkin.  It’s only $19.95 plus tax.  Shipping is included.  

You always get a stamp set, project kit, and mini ink pads.  You literally need nothing, except maybe scissors and some extra adhesive.

Your credit card is charged each month around the 10th of the month.  Then arrives your orange box of craftiness.  You can cancel anytime or even skip a month if you need to.


 If you have any questions about Paper Pumpkin feel free to email me at
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Follow Me To Hawaii

My family and I are boarding a plane today and taking off for Hawaii.

In case you are considering breaking into my house while I am gone, I have 15 Doberman Pinchers, the Secret Service and a SWAT team standing by to kill you.  Just saying.

We are beyond excited to be going on this trip.  All expenses have been paid by Stampin’ UP!

Earning this trip for my family is humbling, surreal and a dream come true. 

These are the goodies I got in the mail from Stampin’ UP! to prepare for our adventure.


If I could pack you in my bag and take you with me I totally would!

Since I can’t …. Make sure you are following me on




I will be posting pics and snippets of videos from Hawaii.


I wasn’t intending to share the following piece of info when I started this blog post.  Something hit me as I was creating this and thought I should share it.

I get asked regularly: “How do you do what you do?”  and  “How do you earn these trips?”

I do have an answer.

I have a super long winded answer and then I have the readers digest version, as my husband would call it.

Here is the short answer:

God’s grace, hard work and determination.  Serving others.  Never giving up.  Setting Goals.

The long answer:

Every thing I do in my life is meant to serve someone else.

I serve you by creating these blog posts.  By providing inspiration and creativity and hopefully sometimes a place for your to get a chuckle.

I serve my family by being a good Mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter and sister.

I serve my fellow demonstrator by helping when I can.  Providing answers, support and encouragement.

By doing this I serve God.

I believe in the depths of my soul that God has blessed me with unique talents that allow me to be successful in this business.  And He has blessed me with the knowledge that hard work can change your life and the life of those around you.

I have to remind myself OFTEN that I am here to serve others.  Putting others needs in front of my own doesn’t always come naturally.

I say none of these things to sound righteous or boastful.  As I write this I hope it does not come across that way.

My point is.  Every single day I am serving others.

If you do this.  If you think about everything you do as a way serving then you will be blessed beyond measure.

Work hard.  Luv hard.  Play hard.  Serve hard.  You will be blessed.

All my love to you and many many thanks for your LUV and support of my business.


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Are You a Sketchy Card Maker?

Shaker Frame Card Stampin Up

Sometimes I HAVE to be a sketchy card maker.  Inspiration is tuff to come by now and again.

It helps to find a good sketch to follow.

Check out Stylin Stampin INKspiration for sketches and color combos and fab ideas throughout the month.

Today’s card is based on a sketch from SSINK.

Below you can see my behind the scenes picture.  I love watching shows and movies on my iPhone while I craft.  I was watching A Different World.  Remember that show?

shaker frame card stampin up

Find out what tool I got at my local hardware store that I had to have to finish my cards.  It’s in my video.

Some of the products used on this card design are going to be gone soon.  Click on the images below to order them in my online store.  Don’t miss out.
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2015 2016 Stampin’ UP! Catalog Product Sneak Peek

The 2015/2016 Stampin’ UP! Catalog Product Sneak Peek is HERE!  Boxes and boxes of catalogs are sitting in my house.

Ready for prepping and mailing to YOU!

If you want one here’s what you need to do.

1)  Place and order with me online.  If you have done this in the last 6 months of $50 or more then you will automatically get a FREE catalog shipped to you.  If you have not ordered with me then you can do so now and I will happily send you a catalog. placeorderfreecatty2)  If you don’t want to place an order you can pay for shipping on your catalog.  Your catalog is still FREE but you will have to pay shipping of $5.65.  I will send you a paypal invoice for the shipping cost.  You can go here to REQUEST to be on the list for paying shipping and getting a new catalog.


I truly hope you enjoy this silly video my friend Katina and I recorded.

There is some of the awesome new product.


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Bottom Box Bag Thingie Majiger Tutorial


I really hate giving gifts with crappy wrapping.  But it happens!

I get too busy,  too stressed, too behind.  And bam.  My giftee ends up with a crinkled reused birthday sack from two years ago.

I am supposed to be a paper genius.  A goddess of the craftiness.  Yet time and again I hand people gifts with crap wrapping.  I’m not representing well.

NO MORE I SAY.  NO MORE.  This Box In A Bag is so simple to make and quick that it will be my new go to for making cute gift wrapping.


I have created a fabulous FREE printable tutorial for you.  Now you can make these bags and wow your next giftee.

I said FREE, yes it is.  But I ask one favor in return.

Please SHARE this blog post.  That’s it.  Share this blog post with your friends, on Facebook, or where ever you think needs a creative perk up.  You could pin my pics to pinterest too if you really wanna be a doll.

I want to pay homage to those who have created awesome box in a bag tutorials.  I found two that I learned from and then created my own version: Crafty Hallett Box In Bag Tutorial and Split Coast Stampers Tutorial.  Enjoy those as well.

Box In a Bag Bucket Style Tutorial

Want to make these bags yourself?  Purchase these products (some are while supplies last).  Click on the images below to purchase.  I always send a thank you card to my customers.  Remember placing an order gets you on the list for a FREE catalog coming in May.

I have also created a video for you.  Sometimes it’s easier to watch a tutorial.


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