Friday, January 30, 2015

What Are You Making For Dinner?? Freebie Friday #51

Exactly! I bet you don't know what you are making for dinner yet.  That's why you need one of Carrie's meal planners.
BOY do I have a treat for you today.  Not only am I going to review this awesome planner for you, I have also hooked up with Carrie to get you 10% off your purchase of your own planner at her Etsy Store. *USE CODE WC10OFF to get your discount*

I needed something to help me get our food budget under control.  One of our NEW YEAR goals is to save some money for an emergency fund.  We have neglected to do this (we are actually on Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #3, check that out here)  So we are hoping to get some money saved.  Of course to do that I needed to take a good look at where we were wasting money.  I know for sure I was wasting money in our food budget.  I tend to be lazy and go grab whatever is easy at the store the day of needing it instead of planning it out.  I have already seen a savings this month from using this planner and sticking to it.

YAY! --- I have been using this planner for a month now and it's working GREAT!  Check out the video below to see how I am using it.

Order one of Carrie Elles Meal Planners HERE using the code WC10OFF and save 10% on one of her cool planners.  The code is only good for the month of February.

I hope you enjoy using this planner as much as I do.  If you get one let me know how you like it :)
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Running with Macie

At the beginning of the new year I knew it was time for change.  Ok, well actually I knew it was time for change at the beginning of last year.  For those of you that have followed me forever, you know I use to run.  I lost a lot of weight and felt really amazing.  I got an injury and fell off the running wagon and gained a bunch of weight back. LOL.  Such is life, right.

WELL because I earned the amazing Stampin' UP! Hawaii trip I decided I wanted to go to Hawaii feeling great and looking great.  In order to do that I have to start MOVING.

Here Macie and I are on our first run of the new year.  Moving.

The little coach here is a great motivator.  She runs every day with me and encourages me.  I can't actually keep up with her, but I try.  

We have beautiful scenery to look at when we run.

The thing I am struggling with the most is my eating.  I am having such a hard time giving up some of the stuff I love.  I know it's not permanent but it's horrible.  I can't seem to get my food intake under control.

Any suggestions to help me out??

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Together, Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration Wowza Wednesday #21

I really only need a wedding card about once a year.  Weddings don't come around that often after you get a certain age.  Do you notice that?  For a while there it seemed like we went to weddings all the time, then all the sudden nothing.  All of our friends are married now and some of them even going through the big D.  And I don't mean Dallas :)  Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration challenged us to do a wedding card.  So I came up with one that I really like.  

I used the Something Borrowed Designer Series Paper from Stampin' UP! to create this card.  Along with the new Heart Border Punch and Hello You Thinlits.  I only used three colors, whisper white, blushing bride and sahara sand.  Sahara Sand doesn't get used much around these parts, but I really like the color.

I am working on making cards for a little place in Ione called Zoey's Place.  You can check her store out on Facebook HERE.  Do me a favor, like her page and comment on it that you saw her page on my blog :) The store is so fun.  She has tons of adorable stuff and the prices are awesome.  I am thinking this card will be a good one to put in the collection for the store.

Here is a video for you to see how I put this card together.  It's also a bit of an informational video :) Enjoy!

Purchasing the starter kit is not only the best deal for your money, you also get membership into the Luvly Stampers group.  That is my team.  We have weekly prize patrols, and a fun exclusive Facebook group.  We'd love to have you hang with us.  When you purchase the starter kit you only pay $99 and get to choose $125 in product to put in your kit.  ON TOP OF THAT you get either two free sale a ration items or a free kit of your choice from the 2015 Occasions Catalog.

Here is the supply list for this card. You can place an order for any of these products in my online store. 
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This blog post is mostly me trying to convince you that you should either buy Stampin' UP! product or purchase the starter kit.  Let's just call it what it is.  Mama needs a vacation folks, and your orders help me get one of those :)  BAHAHAHA!  I bet you don't get this level of honesty at other blogs.

Have you seen all the awesome stamp sets and stuff you can get with SALE A BRATION?  It's all FREE stuff.  Every $50 you spend you get to choose a free Sale A Bration item.  The best deal of all is purchasing the Stampin' UP! starter kit.  You get $125 in product, only pay $99, FREE SHIPPING on the kit and you get 2 FREE Sale A Bration items OR a FREE kit from the Occasions Catalog.

Fun FREE Sale A Bration items.  You can download and print the items so you can look at them by clicking HERE.

You can order online from my store HERE:
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentines Treasure Box featuring Silhouette Cameo

This treasure box is full of ADORBALENESS... Ok that is not a word.  But it should be.  The Hey Valentine stamp set from Stampin' UP! is so cute.  I have made lots of goodies using that set.  When I saw this pirate I thought I need to make him a REAL treasure box.  So that's what I did using my new and awesome and spectacular Silhouette Cameo.

Of course I had to put GOLD NUGGETS in this treasure box.  And Hershey Gold Nuggets are a real treasure no doubt.  I ate so many of these one time it made me feel sick.  Ok, so it was last week when I made this box.  But no one needs to know that. :)

Tips & Tricks

  • Prefold all of your folds before you ever begin assembling this box.  It has  A LOT of folds.
  • Ink the edges of the box to give it an old and antiqued look.  *oh wait that is the same thing old and antique, not really two different descriptive words*
  • Use sticky strip or hot glue when assembling this box.  Or really in box.  It just holds better.

Here is the video on how I put the box together and how I colored the pirate.  I loved doing this project, it was so fun.  BUT NOT something I would mass produce.  It was time consuming.

Don't forget that Sale A Brations is going on right now.  You can order $50 in product and get an item free.  Place a $150 order and get 3 free items PLUS $25 in free product of your choice.  PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE.

So this post is part of a creative blog hop.  I have to answer these questions and give you a couple of blogs to go check out.

  • What am I working on?  This blog post LOL and of course all my fun tutorials and into for you all.
  • How does your work differ from others in your genre?  I really like a clean and simple look and then I also love watercoloring.  I tend to use brights and bolds more than any other colors.
  • Why do you create what you do?  Because I LOVE making beautiful things to give to people and to share with people.  I can't help it and am a little embarrassed to admit this but I get super excited when someone says "Oh my gosh that is so cool.  You are so creative."
  • How does your creative process work?  Um, I have no idea.  I just create.  I get a lot of inspiration from others.  Pinterest, Instagram.
To check out Bev Adams Blog CLICK HERE.  She challenged me to this blog hop.

The next blogs you should visit are:

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Friday, January 23, 2015

How to make Vintage Tags, Freebie Friday #50

Why is it that we like old stuff?  We like the way it looks.  We take something new and make it old.  There is a whole movement of taking something new or even slightly used and doing everything we can to make it look old.  This is bizarre behavior.  My Grandma HATES old stuff.  She doesn't like antiques, because "they look old" she says.  She claims that because she grew up during the great depression and everything was old, or used, or reused, or up cycled, or recycled, that you are crazy to WANT to something that looks old.  She says once you have to live with everything being old and used you will want only new.  Perhaps she is right.  I have been blessed thus far to not have experienced this, only having old stuff.  So I fancy the old, the antique and the vintage.  I hope you enjoy my vintage tags.  Grandma didn't care for them :)

My friend and team member Dreamia likes old stuff too.  Well she likes stuff to look old.  She taught me how to die these tags via Skype.  You can buy the tags at Staples.  The come in a big pack of 100 for about $6.00.

Get regular old Lipton tea bags.  Bring your water to a boil in a big pot and put your tea bags in.  Let the water get really dark.  I used A LOT of tea bags.

Then you put your tags in the pot and let them cook for about 2 - 4 minutes.  They come out a beautiful brown, vintage, old, tarnished color.  To see the exclusive video on how I finished making these tags you have to sign up for my free exclusive tutorials HERE.

Please note: You will not receive the video immediately.  You will receive it about 6 weeks after you sign up for my Free Exclusive Tutorials.  HOWEVER, you will get 5 other free tutorials in between that time.

Don't forget that Sale A Brations is going on now.  For every $50 you spend you get a FREE Sale A Bration item.

Supplies needed to make these tags are listed here.  You can order them online from me by clicking any of the images below.

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