10 Tips For Keeping Your Craft Room Clean & Organized

Today I have 10 tips to share with you to help keep your craft room clean and organized for 2024.


  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. The space they have or how clean and tidy it might appear. Remember people only show you their highlights.
  2. Start Small – If it seems overwhelming to clean and organize your whole space, start with one small space. It’s better to do a little at a time than do nothing at all.
  3. Clean Your Craft Table – Take the time to clean your craft table off each time you have a crafting session. This makes your space more inviting to have your next craft session.
  4. Project Containers – Using containers to store your unfinished projects in is great for keeping your craft room tidy. Find whatever works for you and try to use stuff you already have so that you’re not spending more to have project containers.
  5. Donate – Things that don’t sell get donated. Period. One of the biggest issues with a space being messy is too much stuff. If you aren’t going to sell it, donate it.
  6. Sell It – List items for sell immediately. If they don’t sell in 30 days, donate them.
  7. Unpack It & Trash It – Anything new that comes into the craft room gets unpacked right away and the trash gets put in the trash. Don’t keep all the boxes you get from these deliveries, unless you have a very specific reason and they are being used quickly.
  8. Curate A Happy Space – Make your craft room or space happy. Fun photos, pretty decor. Create a space that’s inviting and relaxing. If you’re not much of a decorator you can search Pinterest for ideas.
  9. Something Old Something New – When you get new goodies take the time to look at all your products and see what you can let go of and remove from your craft room.
  10. Give It To A Friend – If you don’t want to donate or sell your goodies, find a friend that might be interested in starting a crafting journey or that has started a journey and you can contribute to their new found hobby.

I hope this helps you keep your craft room clean and organized for 2024.

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