3 Moms Day Cards, 1 Anyone Can Make

mothers day cards Have you ever heard a mom say?  Oh please buy me a card.  I would much rather have a store bought card from you than one you made.  UM NO.  You haven’t heard that because no Mom in her right mind would say that.  If you are reading this and you’ve told your child that, I make no apology for my earlier statement. HAHA.

There is something about receiving a handmade card that just brings a new level of joy in the receiving.  It’s like you are getting so much more than a card. You know that this person, to whom you have given birth.  Took the time to sit down and craft something from their heart for you.  Is there honestly a greater expression of love, than one’s time?  I think not.

I really got touchy feely there.  Sorry.  My point is. MAKE.  A.  CARD.  FOR.  YOUR.  MOM.  (or Mum, or Mama, or Mommy, or whatever you call her)

I have provided you three options throughout this post.  Novice, Intermediate and Difficult.  I wanted to provide you three options.  Mainly, so you can’t say, “I don’t have all that stuff”.  The novice card covers, needing no extra STUFF.

simple mothers day card stampin up
The Novice Mothers Day Card – Super simple with one stamp a piece of ribbon. Anyone could make this card no matter your skill level.

Mother’s day is fast approaching.  It will be here before you know it.  Don’t be the dud with no handmade card.

In the super sad event that your Mom has left our earthly home and has gone on to be with the Lord, or some other bummer circumstance and she’s not around, you still have a Mom somewhere that needs a card.  She may not be your Mom.  Make a friend a card that’s a Mom.  She will appreciate it very much.

petite petals mothers day card
This is my speed. I love cards like this. Simple but beautiful. Painted petals paper and stamp set is all you need. Ok and a few ink colors.


Mom’s make the world go round after all.  Hug a Mom, love a Mom.  If you are a Mom.  Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and give yourself a hug.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Thanks for being a great Mom.  Make yourself a card and write in it your favorite thing about you.  I give you permission to praise yourself.


watercolor mothers day card
YIKES – This is the difficult one. So difficult I can’t do it right, and I am a super stamper HA! I tried my hand at no line watercoloring, first attempt. Yep I am giving it to my Mom. Because she will say it’s pretty no matter what 🙂

I had to create a video just for you.  I wanted you to see how I created the first two cards.  You really don’t want to see how I did this last one.  It was a disaster. I will keep practicing though, and hopefully get better with time.

Below the video is a supply list of all the tools I used to make the middle card.  Hope you enjoy and if you need any of these goodies you can pick them up in my online store by clicking the images in the supply list.

Here are the supplies used on the Painted Petals card above.  Just click on any of the images to order them in my online store.

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