3 Things That Top Demonstrators Don’t Do


Last week I laid down some tough love.

This week I am hoping I don’t sound quite so tough but instead am able to enlighten you on the things that a lot of the top demonstrators with Stampin’ UP! don’t do.

Does this apply to all top demonstrators?  Of course not.

Basically, anytime I say anything, you have to look at it like it applies to a majority but not to every single person.  Like most things in life.

Here are 3 things I notice that top demonstrators with Stampin’ UP! don’t do:

+ Wasting Time

+ Getting sucked in to DRAMA

+ Miss out on Stampin’ UP! events

Here are some tips to help you combat the 3 “no-no’s” above:

+ Take out a pen and paper and for an entire day track what you do and how you spend your time.  2 hours on facebook? 1 hour at the grocery store? 2 hours chatting on the phone?  Where is your time being spent?  Do you even know?

+ Create a schedule.  Watch THIS fantastic video from Marie Forleo she has a great tip that I use for keeping to a schedule.

+ If you want to spend time on Facebook, that’s ok.  But I encourage you to set a timer so that when it goes off you can get to work.

+ Never miss out on another Stampin’ UP! trip by putting away a little cash.  CLICK HERE to watch and learn more about my Business Budget Workbook.

Enjoy the video and leave me a comment letting me know what you’d like me to cover in a future video:

5 thoughts on “3 Things That Top Demonstrators Don’t Do”

  1. Thank You!

    I set a 15 min timer when I get on Pinterest

    I am going to Atlanta too and will definitely stop by for a hug.

  2. Very Informative!
    I will be applying several of your hints immediately.
    Thank You for doing this video.
    Oh, I’m going to be in Atlanta too!

  3. Wow Wendy, I’ve been a demo for 8 years and your tips are so simple. yet I haven’t heard them before. They make perfect sense. I do work outside the home for about 20 hours a week, and my husband has a business that I work from home as well. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, and I’ve long given up the idea if earning a SU trip. I must figure out how to gain more team members and step out of the box and do videos and post to my blog. Thanks for this great video. I’ve been stalking you awhile and love your work. Hugs!


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