4 Places To Show Gratitude, Wowza Wednesday 11

1.  The Bank – We go to the bank on a regular basis.  Of course because I live in a small town I know all the bank tellers by name and we love to give them treats.  When is the last time you thanked a Bank Teller for what they do?  It’s a dirty job, handling money, I am thankful for them. 🙂

2.  The Post Office – I have seen some ugly stuff go down in our little local post office.  Really, I have! People yelling at the Post Master, ACK!  Life’s short people, don’t yell at our civil servants.  LOL.  Thank them.  Our particular Post Office has some really hard working ladies, they work 6 days a week and there’s only two of them.  So WE THANK THEM.  

3.  The Grocery Store – We frequent the same grocery store.  I am sorry but retail is a thankless job.  Especially coming into the holiday season.  I’ve been there, and it’s nothing short of miserable.  I hated working retail, especially during the holidays.  So I AM abundantly thankful for those that do work in the retail industry, and even more thankful for the ones that do it with a smile.  Like our friends at our local grocery store.

4.  The Fire House – We are thankful for our fireman.  ESPECIALLY in California.  Don’t know if you are aware but we have A LOT of fires here in CA.  This year has been dreadful.  These men and women work tireless hours to secure homes and safety for the public.  I am so thankful for them.  My husbands best friend is a Cal Fire Chief and he’s the sweetest.  We wanted to thank him and some of his friends. You can make these cute Fire Truck Bag treats by ordering the cafe bags here and the fire truck stamp set here.

Here are some close ups of all the goodies we made.  Each package is filled with candy.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add the color card stock to the top of the Tag A Bag Gift Boxes.  You can purchase these cool boxes in my online store by clicking here.

Another place I show gratitude is to my customers.  I have a quick video here on how I put together my Paper Pumpkin boxes and gave them to a few of my customers this week.  

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