5 Money Saving Tips To Trim Your Stampin’ UP! Business Budget

There are lots of ways you can save money when you are conducting business.

Your Stampin’ UP! business is sure to have expenses from time to time that are out of the norm.  That’s the case for any business.

But there are a few little tips and idea that can save you some cash here and there.

First let’s remember TIME IS MONEY, people.

Saving yourself time on things is a HUGE money saver.  You are the only one that can create for your business and brand.  No one else can do that piece.  But you can have others do other pieces.

In today’s video I am going to share some money saving tips and tricks and I have listed them out below the video,.



  1. Buy a Dymo Label Printer.  Best thing I’ve ever done. Has saved me HOURS in hand writing addresses.  CLICK HERE to buy one.
  2. Email your PDF’s and documents vs printing them.
  3. Use PayPal for shipping whenever you can.  (you must have $$ in PayPal to do this and this only applies to flat rate shipping)
  4. Use what you got!  Use your phone for recording videos and taking photos.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  You don’t have to buy a bunch of fancy equipment to take great pics or to make videos.
  5. BUDGET.  Make sure you are writing out a budget for events.  Then stick to it (this is a struggle for me) which is why I use my Business Budget Workbook, to help stay on track.

For running in person events here are a few money saving tips:

  1. Use chalkboards at your events instead of printing the info out on paper
  2. Look for a restaurant to hold your events in.  Often they are free of charge if you agree to eat there
  3. Get plastic totes to sort your card kits in so that you aren’t using cello bags for each kit.  This is also a time saver
  4. Look for pop up reusable trash totes for your tables instead of using paper bags for people to throw their excess stuff away in
  5. Make sure you let customers know they need to bring their own adhesives to your events.  Providing adhesive at your events can be extremely costly.

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