59 Beautiful Cardmaking Ideas

Beautiful cardmaking ideas are not in short supply on the interwebs.

I participated in some swaps recently and got some absolutely gorgeous cards that I had to share with you. Hopefully they will bring you as much inspiration as they brought me.

This blog post is basically a photo of gallery of all the beautiful cardmaking ideas!

I’m going to be lazy. I don’t know who all created the cards and I’m not linking to all the bundles and products used on all these cards, cuz well, I enjoy having some sort of life. HAHA

It would take me hours to do all those things and I honestly am guessing you just want to look at the pretty cards.

Ok this thank you card on the top is so stinking adorable. I just love it. The colors are fabulous the sentiment is fabulous and it’s so pretty.

I can’t remember as I type this who made this one, but I know in the video I share all the cardmakers names.

A little Valentine’s Day inspriation.

I love bright and bold paired with white space. It makes me so happy. This card makes me feel good just by looking at it.

Here is the video full of the beautiful cardmaking ideas. In the video I share all the deets. Who made it and they are grouped by bundle used.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. This is not a normal blog post and video for me, but I wanted to share all the fabulous cards. And if you enjoyed it drop me a comment and let me know, I will do another one in the future.

If you missed the last color splash click HERE to access it.

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