$7900 Christmas Tree That is a Wowza Wednesday #16

During my Founders Circle trip earlier this year we got to participate in decorating some beautiful Christmas Trees.   Stampin’ UP! told us that they were going to be using these trees to give away for the Festival of Trees event in Salt Lake City.  This event brings in money for the Primary Childrens Hospital located in Salt Lake City.  We found out yesterday that the trees we decorated brought in $7900 in the auction.  YAY! Go Stampin’ UP! for donating that much money to the Childrens Hospital.

Praise the Lord.

Here are photos of the trees.  Below is a picture of the ornament I worked on with my buddy.  I made about 15 of them with my friend Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen and I had a lot of good laughs gluing all of these buttons on these stars.  They were fun to make, but very time consuming.

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