8 Fun St Patty’s Day Ideas

1} How cute is this?  I found this idea on Pinterest.  Which led me to this amazing blog: Jessica Blogs.  I think I will have to make these with my little one.  They will be so cute to take to her school and share with her little buddies.

2} I found this idea on BuzzFeed.  Super cute.  You can buy spinach tortillas and cut them out using a shamrock cookie cutter.  Then just coat them with a little olive oil and bake.  Then  you have shamrock chips.  What a fun idea!  AND EASY!

3} I found this adorable idea on a blog called 36th Avenue.  So cute.  What a fun and simple decoration this would make for a party, or to just have out sitting around.  I also thought it would be cute to wrap it in cellophane and put a big bow and tag on it and you could give it as a gift.  Fun.

4}  I definitely need to make these.  Rice Krispies are one of my favorite treats.  The ewy gooey marshmallowy flavor is to die for.  Then you add the crunch of the krispie and it’s perfect.  Check out these awesome Leprechaun Krispies.  I also thought you could use a shamrock cookie cutter to make them even more festive.
5}  Hey a CARD!  So I will admit that I do NOT give cards for St. Patricks Day.  Do you?  Does anybody?  However, I thought it would be fun to make one to go with a gift I am sending out in the mail.  It’s for the random winner of the cool planter I showed last week.  You can see that post HERE.

6}  Ok back to food.  LOL.  I am seeing a theme here.  One of my all time favorite desserts on earth is my Grandma’s Kansas City Dirt Cake.  She use to make it for my birthday when I was a youngin’.  It was always either that or Banana Pudding.  When I saw this recipe I got super excited. I am going to have to make this.  It’s Irish Dirt Cake. So fun.  Click the image to go to the blog with the recipe.

7}  These printables are super cute.  I had no interest in the photo booth stuff until I went to a Stampin’ UP! convention (see that post here) and they had tons of photo booth stuff.  I took some pictures with my upline Patty Bennett using the props and it was a lot of fun.
8}  A rainbow fruit platter.  I would have never thought of such.  However they are all over pinterest.  I really liked this one though because I thought the gal at The Stir was cute that did the video. 🙂  I am going to make one of these for Macie.  I bet she eats all the marshmallows first.

So there you have it!  8 Fun ideas you could do for St Patricks Day.  I had so much fun going on Pinterest and searching around for cool ideas.

You can check out my St Patricks Day Pinterest board by clicking HERE.

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