A Good Man Stamp Set & Story

New A Good Man stamp set from Stampin' UP! in the 2019-2020 Stampin' UP! Catalog Wendy Cranford www.luvinstampin.com

Men have not been at the top of my favorite people in life.

I know that sounds awful.  But it’s true.  I had several men that were close to me disappoint me at a very young age.  I won’t name names, cuz what’s the point.

But I watched things like infidelity, lying and verbal abuse and these things shaped how I would relate to men for many years.

New A Good Man stamp set from Stampin' UP! in the 2019-2020 Stampin' UP! Catalog Wendy Cranford www.luvinstampin.com

As I spoke about in my Magnolia & Bad Boyfriend story video, I was a victim of abuse and sought therapy to learn how to love myself enough that I would not allow another person to treat me badly.

It took time and it took work.

Once I dealt with my “daddy” issues and all the other stuff I found a wonderful man.  Or should I say he found me.

Girl,  if you’re out there “LOOKIN” for a man.  I tell you STOP.

Live your life, have fun, be full of joy and that man you’ve been lookin for will find you.

New A Good Man stamp set from Stampin' UP! in the 2019-2020 Stampin' UP! Catalog Wendy Cranford www.luvinstampin.com

Thankfully there is one man that was a guidepost for me.  He is not perfect and honestly I put him so high on a pedestal that it’s amazing he hasn’t splattered at the bottom of it.

My Papa is solid, strong, honest, faithful and unwavering in his love and dedication to family.

He grew up in a very horrendous time, the great depression.  He fought in WW2 and when he got home he found my Grandma.  (Which by the way, she had no interest in him until he started dating another young lady, HAHA)

Papa was not treated very kindly by his family.  His Dad died when he was 5 and his mother was placed in an asylum.  He was sent to live with his awful uncle that was so incredibly mean to him.

So when Papa married Gramma, that was it.  He dedicated his life to her and to all his daughters that would come years later and to all his grandkids.

We lived with them off and on through the years, and every summer was spent at their house while my Mom worked to make ends meet.

I would not trade those summers for a million dollars.  I learned how to fish, swim, catch tadpoles, get muddy, build forts, listen to ghost stories and eat hot apple pie while looking at the stars.

My summers with my grandparents are what they make movies from.  It was the most beautiful time of my life as a young person.

I miss and crave those times so much.  I wish that I could have captured that time in a bottle and just been able to go and visit it whenever I want to.

Papa is not a man of many words, and never has been.  But you never questioned his authority.  If he told me something I believed it.  If he scolded me I deserved it.

He has loved me in a way no one else did.  Unconditionally and without judgement.  He never made me feel bad for being me.  And remember I wasn’t always an easy child to love.

The only reason I believed in my heart of hearts that good men existed was because of Papa.  I saw him and watched him and I know that there had to be more of them.  I was right.

Today I am surrounded by great men.  Papa of course, is still with us.  My husband, my father in law, my brother in law Chris, my cousin Steve.  They aren’t perfect but they are good and solid and they love their families so much.

Today was a little sappy, and I would apologize but y’all the sap has to happen every now and again.

Making cards is about so much more than making cards.  It’s about crafting little pieces of luv that create happiness for others.

I’m definitely looking forward to giving this card to Papa.

New A Good Man stamp set from Stampin' UP! in the 2019-2020 Stampin' UP! Catalog Wendy Cranford www.luvinstampin.com

The new stamp set A Good Man from Stampin’ UP! is awesome.  You can purchase it on June 3rd.


+ Card base is cut at 4-1/4″ x 11″ and folded in half.

+ Best Route Designer Series Paper is cut at 4″ x 5-1/4″

+ Stamp and heat emboss the sentiments in white embossing powder and then cut them apart.

+ Use the Rectangle Stitched dies to create interest for your stamped image are.

+ Make sure to attach the Flax ribbon on the designer paper before adhering the designer paper to the card base.

+ Attach the designer paper with dimensionals.

Supplies will be listed below the video.  Click on any of the images to purchase them in my online store.


Here are the supplies.  Please remember that some of them are retiring or may already be gone.  I have separated them out so you’ll know what is staying and what is going soon.

The “A Good Man” stamp set is not available to purchase until June 3rd.

9 thoughts on “A Good Man Stamp Set & Story”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story here. You are one lucky lady to have these people in your lives. I also had great people surrounding me. And I love Papa’s dog. Lol. My kind of man for sure.

  2. This is a beautiful story. I am so glad to see you are still blessed by your Papa’s loving presence. My Dad served in WWII but is now deceased. Much honor and praise to all the men and women that serve our country so bravely and without thought to themselves – just doing what they knew they had to do. I love the picture of them together – you can see the twinkle in their eyes!!! Just a beautiful story on how God provides us with angels to watch over and take care of us here in our temporary home. Wendy, you are blessed and I feel blessed from knowing you even if it is just thru Stampin Up blogging etc.!!! Loved the card too. I am hoping I will receive a catalog when the new ones come out. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and talents!!! XXOO

  3. I agree, the sappy helps us cry and feel better. We all need that! I didn’t have men in my life like your Papa. My was almost totally deaf, and wanted to do with his grandchildren. My Papa, that I loved, (not that I didn’t love the other one), was such a strong man who loved life, his wife, his stepson, and of course his three beautiful granddaughters. Yes, he told us every time he saw us, Wait for a good man, and he’s yours for life! My Papa was RIGHT, but the to an 11 why wouldn’t he be? We lost him way to soon. I’m sorry, now I’m being sappy! But, I know what you mean, when I saw this stamp set, I immediately thought of my Papa! Thanks Wendy , for the memories! When I first saw this stamp set, I knew I had to have it. But, in my per-order, I didn’t get it, but I will. The first stamp set from the NEW catalog, that I ordered was the Butterfly Wishes. I took one look and had to have it. I could only order one item. I wanted the Medley as well! W e have to pick and choose. I’ll sign off. I really wanted to Thank you, for reminding me of my PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi what a great card and a wonderful story. I’m looking for a card to make for our dad. He will be 90 on the 15th of November. We are so very lucky to have him as our dad. He has been there for us all all our lives, Starting from me as I’m the eldest of 4. And I love being the eldest as dad has always been there all the way helping and teaching us with our equally lovely little mum by his side. Thanks again for sharing ,regards Corianda.

  4. Beautiful card but more importantly, a beautiful life story. My grandma died at 99 a little more then a year ago. She didn’t eat too much even having most of her teeth, she just wasn’t interested in getting it together, even though meals on wheels delivered to her. I’m sure it was a hassle, having to drag along her oxygen tank. Anyway, I visited as often as I could since she lived just a bit more then an hour away. She’s always reminded me to bring some Coors lights that we could share. My aunt, grandma’s daughter, complained that she was drinking. Her response….what’s it gonna do, kill me? It was wonderful to see a sense of humor! God bless your papa and your relationship together.

  5. Wendy, God bless you for enduring through the abusive men in your life. My story is similar until my dear late husband walked into my life. He showed me and our daughters the respect and love we have now with the men in our lives. I am proud to say my sons-in-law and grandsons are kind, respectful and loving in every sense of the word. In remembrance of my dear late hubby who would have turned 83 today! P.S. I was overjoyed to see this stamp set is available…it will be on my next order!!


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