A Manly Kind of Card – SSINK Challenge

Could this be more manly?  The answer I am looking for is no.  In case you were wondering.  No frills, no flowers, no sparkles.  Just dirty, grungy, one layer manly cardness.  Yes I said cardness.  It’s a new word.  

The hubs is turning 40 this year. WHAT!?  I can’t believe my husband will be 4-0.  I mean he is as hunky and wonderful as ever.  I think that the older dudes get the better they get.  Like a fine wine.  Why doesn’t it work that way with women?  A mans wrinkles or smile lines as I like to call them, distinguish him.  Think Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford… Um yum.  But a woman.  Not so much we get baggy and haggy. lol.  Or maybe this is just my perception. 

Ok I digress – I will let you chew on that and tell me what you think.  Let’s move on to what we are really hear for which is the details of this card.  OH and don’t forget to go over to Stylin’ Stampin’ INKspiration to check out everyone else’s manly cards.

I really love how this card turned out.  I am pretty new at painting and changing stuff to look totally different.  SO, when I get something that looks cool I get really excited.

Here are my Tips & Tricks for this kind of card making:

  • Definitely test out how the inks paints will work together on a scratch piece of paper.  Something you don’t care about.
  • Use Gesso paint in to create the effect of an added layer.
  • Start small.  Use small drips of ink and add more as you go.  That way you don’t mess it up and can just keep adding.  But you can’t really take away.
Alright here is a video for you.  I am such a visual learner I always think doing videos for you all is the best thing I can do.

Here are the supplies you need to create this card.  You can order most of these items in my online store by clicking on the images below.

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