A Pootles Papercraft Box with a Luvin’ Stampin’ Spin

My friend Sam is absolutely one of the most talented women I know.  She’s full of love and always willing to share and creates the most amazing project.  If you need a demonstrator in the UK she is someone I would highly recommend.

At any rate, I love watching her videos and she comes up with some of the most clever box designs.  This one I “quite fancied” (something Sam would say).  So I thought oh goodness I have to make some of these for gifts and I will just make them my own by adding some spins on the design and paper.

Remember those fabulous tags I created on Monday!?   CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST.  I am using them today on these sweet boxes.

It delights be to no end to see people get one of my hand crafted goodies.  They usually say something like “Oh my gosh, you made this?”  or “OH YAY! I love it when I get a goody from you”  It really makes me so happy to see others happy.  Since we are nearing the Christmas season I am in full swing designing projects and making gifts for people.  I haven’t decided yet how I will use these, but they will definitely get good use.

If you’d like to see Sam’s version of this you can CLICK HERE.

Supplies used on this project are listed below.  You can purchase any of them by clicking on the images.  Thank you so much in advance for your orders.  You have no idea how much we, as a family, appreciate your business.


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