Adopt A Senior Graduation Cards

Senior Graduation Cards using To A Wild Rose from Stampin' UP!

There is no denying that senior graduation is completely different than anything we’ve ever seen before.

I feel so badly for all the seniors in our world (high school, college and elderly). The kids are getting the short end of the stick, for sure.

The amazing community I live in has created a Facebook group where we can “adopt a senior” Basically, we get to choose a senior to spend special goodies to and do nice things for as a special recognition of their accomplishment.

Blue rose colored using Stampin Blends for senior graduation cards

I created two beautiful senior graduation cards representing their high school colors. One was sent to our cousin Allyson and the other to a kiddo we “adopted” for this project. We technically adopted Allyson also but we kind of cheated, since she’s related.

If you want to check out some other ideas using the To A Wild Rose bundle you can click here.

Senior Graduation cards for 2020 high school seniors

Allyson is bright and accomplished and we know she will go very far in life. I’m excited to see where her adventures take her.

Photo credit to Ally’s sister Brittany.

Senior Graduation Cards Supply List:

**The large letters and small letters I used for the AHS are no long available to purchase**



  1. Debra Walker says

    This is an absolutely beautiful card! Sutter Creek also has a banner with each senior’s name displayed across the bridge.

  2. Janet says

    Hi Wendy…great ideas and I agree with you on the seniors this year. May I inquire how you labeled the Stampin Blends like hat? What a great idea and easily identified. Thank you.

  3. Janet Nelson says

    Hi Wendy. Love the cards and great idea to celebrate seniors. May I inquire about how toy labeled the Stampin Blends. So easy yo identify that way. Thanks..Janet

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