Amador County Fair 2014

Every year my sister in law and I make up this same old wagon with a new fair theme for our girls.  We love them to walk in the parade that kicks off the fair.  We’ve done this every year since they were little.  It’s a great tradition.  This year’s theme was “There’s No Place Like Home” from Wizard of Oz.  It was so fun.

Here are the girls all ready to go with their cool wagon.  The house actually spun around to look like it was in a tornado 🙂

My sweet little niece Makayla getting her face painted.  This is another tradition.  They love to get their faces painted.

OH THE HEAT!  It was so stinking hot. I love this picture.  They were all eating corn dogs and drinking water.

Who doesn’t love a piggy!?  It was really fun to watch the girls pet the pigs and rub their snouts.

Dinner at Grandma’s.  This is Macie with her Uncle Phil.  They really love each other.  He’s such a sweet guy.

SO this happened the weekend of the fair!  We had a crazy wild fire.  You can google Sand Fire in Plymouth and get all the details.  We still have left over smoke.  Our house is stinky and so are our cars.

Destruction Derby night.  I love love love this photo.  This is me, the hubby and our friends, Bert, Laura and the cheesy teeth pic is my brother in law photo bombing us.

Last but not least this is me and my sis in law.  She’s the best.  I got very blessed to have such amazing in laws. I love them so much.  My sis in law helps me with my business and I could not ask for a better person to help me.  She is so amazing, efficient, creative and really has my best interest at heart.  Plus I think she’s trying to get her brother (my hubs) kicked out of the seat for the Grand Vacation next year.  She really would love to go to Italy, France and Spain.  Who wouldn’t? LOL

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