Autism Awareness Project Life Blog Hop

Autism Matter Project Life Blog Hop

Welcome to the Autism Awareness Project Life blog hop.  I am so excited you are here.  You may be joining me from Kylie Bertucci.  If you haven’t visited her blog yet please do.

If you’ve never been to my blog before welcome.  If you have, then you know the ropes.

I thought I would share a fun page I created of pictures with my nephew Caleb.

Caleb is 10 years old and is Autistic.  He is a funny, and crazy kid and we love him so much.  In fact Caleb even has his own You Tube channel.  You can check out his channel HERE. He will be so excited if you subscribe.  Every time he gets a subscriber he lets me know. And I’ve added one of my favorite videos of his down below.

If you want to donate to Autism Speaks you can do that by donating HERE.

I ask that you don’t judge the lack of creativity here.  HAHA!  I wanted to keep this layout really simple and just capture what Caleb really loves.  What I didn’t plan on was my printer breaking before I finished this project. So I ended up not having a print of the photo.  I laid my phone down so you could see the picture that will be going there.

Then I added some of my own detail by brush lettering Caleb’s You Tube channel name.



Check out Caleb’s video.  Please subscribe to his channel.  He will be so thrilled to see that number go up.

Your next stop is Candy Rattray.  CLICK HERE TO GO VISIT HER.
Here is the complete line up in case you missed anyone!
Katina Martinez
Kylie Bertucci
Candy Rattray
Selene Kempton
Patty Chenail



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