Bottom Box Bag Thingie Majiger Tutorial


I really hate giving gifts with crappy wrapping.  But it happens!

I get too busy,  too stressed, too behind.  And bam.  My giftee ends up with a crinkled reused birthday sack from two years ago.

I am supposed to be a paper genius.  A goddess of the craftiness.  Yet time and again I hand people gifts with crap wrapping.  I’m not representing well.

NO MORE I SAY.  NO MORE.  This Box In A Bag is so simple to make and quick that it will be my new go to for making cute gift wrapping.


I have created a fabulous FREE printable tutorial for you.  Now you can make these bags and wow your next giftee.

I said FREE, yes it is.  But I ask one favor in return.

Please SHARE this blog post.  That’s it.  Share this blog post with your friends, on Facebook, or where ever you think needs a creative perk up.  You could pin my pics to pinterest too if you really wanna be a doll.

I want to pay homage to those who have created awesome box in a bag tutorials.  I found two that I learned from and then created my own version: Crafty Hallett Box In Bag Tutorial and Split Coast Stampers Tutorial.  Enjoy those as well.

CLICK HERE —> Box In a Bag Bucket Style Tutorial

Want to make these bags yourself?  Purchase these products (some are while supplies last).  Click on the images below to purchase.  I always send a thank you card to my customers.  Remember placing an order gets you on the list for a FREE catalog coming in May.

I have also created a video for you.  Sometimes it’s easier to watch a tutorial.


9 thoughts on “Bottom Box Bag Thingie Majiger Tutorial”

  1. Your video was great and the bag is really cute Going to make some. I can not find the printable tutorial anywhere.

  2. Guess I wasn’t seeing to well today. The tutorial was right in front of me. I already made a bag. Thanks so much for sharing.


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