Are You Under Budgeting For Card Kits?

Someone asked me recently, “How much does one card kit cost?”

I paused and thought. Ya know, that’s a great question. Budgeting for card kits is not an exact science, but it’s pretty close.

The cost of a card kit is variable.  There is no set in stone answer.

However there is a way to figure it out.

Today in our Demonstrator Thursday post we are going to dive in to budgeting for card kits, what you would use them for and why!

The number on thing to consider when budgeting for card kits is your time.

What are you going to pay yourself?

Most often I think demonstrators don’t add time into their budgets.  Meaning you have to set a rate on what your time is worth.  Are you worth $25/ hour?  Or $10?  That makes a difference.

Are you paying someone to help you?  Should that be taken into account?

Have you ever actually timed yourself on creating a kit?

There is so much to consider.

I am hoping that today’s video will help you navigate all those things and make some decisions about how you want to budget for your card kits, etc.

Enjoy the video.



One of the things I also want to address is you have to remember that at the end of the day this is YOUR business.  You make the decisions.  I am simply sharing ideas and options that may or may not make it more profitable for you depending on your situation.

Ultimately you have to decide what will work best for you with the information you are given.  No one can row this boat for you, I am simply giving you some tips on avoiding turning over in the boat.

If you struggle with budgeting and keeping your money organized I have a great tool for you.

You can purchase my business budget workbook for just $24.99


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