Bye Bye, My Dapper, Envy filled, Sugarplum of a Flamingo. You’ve Been A Peach….

2016-2018 Retiring In Colors are going to be gone soon. #luvinstampin #retiringincolors Wendy Cranford

I know what you’re thinking.

What in the world kind of title for a blog post is that!?

Well, it’s all the fabulous colors we are saying goodbye to.  Dapper Denim, Emerald Envy, Sweet Sugarplum, Flirty Flamingo and Peekaboo Peach are all on their way to the Stampin’ UP! ink graveyard.

Each year Stampin’ UP! retires 5 ink colors and brings in 5 new colors.  We all have a little agitation over this, for about 5 minutes, until we see the new colors.

2016-2018 Retiring In Colors are going to be gone soon. #luvinstampin #retiringincolors Wendy Cranford

However, I keep all my old ink colors, and I make sure I have the markers, and the reinkers to go with them.  That way anytime I need to have some Flirty Flamingo in my life, I can.

Why am I sharing this now?

Well because.  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.  I tell people, you better get your in color reinkers and your in color ink pads that are going to hit the retiring list in April, and every year I get ignored by about 5 people.

Those people then come sqwaking at me mid April and say ” OH MY GOSH ….. The in colors are all sold out!  How did they sell out so fast?”  AND I SAY…… “I’ve been telling you this since that snarky blog post I wrote in March and  you ignored my warnings”  So here you sit.

BUY. THE. RETIRING STUFF NOW PEOPLE!!!!  Just do it, you can thank me later.

BONUS:  If you buy now you get FREE Sale A Braiton items through March 31st.



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