Candy Bags and Blog Candy’s!

Just love these little bags in the Holiday Mini Catalog!  They are perfect for all kinds of things!  Watch my whole video to learn about the blog candy!

To qualify for the blog candy you must:

  • Become a follower of my blog (if you aren’t already)
  • Leave a comment on this post with your info in the comment so I know how to contact you.
  • Subscribe to my You Tube channel 🙂
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19 thoughts on “Candy Bags and Blog Candy’s!”

  1. Hi. I just found your blog today. I have been having fun and enjoying your videos ! I learn from watching how things are done. Thanks for the opportunity to win a marker. I think I am going to have to order some of those bags 😉

    • Die One Sheet Boxen sind mein absoluter Favorit schnell gemacht,passt viel rein und kommt immer gut an.Die machen was her :-)Schöne frische Fatsmubamzensrellung(ich mag türkis)Gefällt mir sehr gut.Auch dein Blog ist sehr schön.VG und ein schönes Wochenende wünscht Dir Nicole

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  2. Wendy,
    Super cute! I found your blog thru the cricut forum and I followed by email, but not I follow your blog and will soon be off to your you tube channel. These bags are so cute and can be used for so many things.
    My email is lovethatbug1733 at
    Thanks for the chance at winning a marker
    Hugs, Stacy

  3. Totally love this and I am ordering these bags on my next purchase! Thanks for the great idea! Also where do you get those sour cherry candies? I cant seem to find them.


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