Craft Room Refresh Part 1

Hello friends!

I am so happy you’ve joined me for my craft room refresh. I’m going to be doing some craft room organization over the coming weeks and I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s start 2023 with a fresh start in our craft rooms or spaces.


In the video, I share how I’ve been on a journey of purging and making our home more manageable. This carried over to my craft room.

I watched a few videos on The Minimal Mom YouTube channel and she really inspired me to get things paired down. Admittedly, she’s a little extreme in her minimalism and I don’t see myself going that far. I mean let’s be real, I have an entire building dedicated to crafting.

The first step for me in evaluating if I am going to keep something or not is asking myself, “Is this an immediate yes?” Do I look at the item and think, yes I need or want this. No judgement either way. If I can’t immediately say yes to it, I’m letting it go.

Here’s what we are starting with on the office side of the craft room. I don’t have an after photo for you yet, but I will.


My second step in reorganizing my space and making it more functional is working in small spaces. Rather than looking at my entire space and thinking I need to overhaul or organize it all in one day, I am choosing small simple spaces that I can organize in a short amount of time.

This feels so much more manageable to me and less overwhelming. I started by cleaning out this small space next to my desk. This did lead to me having to clean another small area in order to use the furniture from that space in this one.



Last in each space I am evaluating what functions well and what doesn’t. I don’t know about you but I tend to “make it work” with furniture, space or items when really it’s not working. One of my main focuses in refreshing my craft room this time is functionality.

For example, I have to stand a lot when I work due to a back injury. I purchased a desk that did not accommodate my situation, thinking it would be ok. I ended up purchasing a second item called a VariDesk to put on top of my desk. This allows my computer to move up and down. It’s big and bulky and frankly ugly. Did it work? Yes. Technically it worked, but I hated it. When sitting my knees would ram into my desk underneath. In part 2 of my craft room refresh, we will be addressing this issue.


I really hope you’ll consider joining me on this journey. Here’s how you can start:

  1. Choose an area in your craft room or space to clean up.
  2. Ask yourself if the area functions well.
  3. Then go through all of the items in that one area and ask yourself is this an immediate yes. If it’s not, put it in a donation or sell basket.

One of the things that might help you is to realize that in order to make room for new craft supplies you have to purge the old.

I hope this helped you get the bug to organize and work on your space to make it more functional for you.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions.


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