Craft Room Tour 2017

For about a year now I have been working on revamping and reorganizing my craft space.

I continued to put off doing a craft room tour until I at least got my custom shelves and support pieces installed.
Craft room tour and craft room organization Wendy Cranford

The video is LONG. But hopefully you decide it’s worth it.  I mention in the video that everything is listed out as to what it is and where I bought it.

I did my best to do that for you.  All link are posted below the video.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Items in Craft Room:

Boon Stash Desk Top Organizer – Amazon

Alex Drawers IKEA

Wide Alex Drawers IKEA

Sequin Organizer

Container Store Multi Purpose Bin XL

Container Store Letter Sorter (inside the container with precut paper)

Container Store Long Container for storing pre cut card stock

Container Store divider (on top of counter holding products)

Container Store Deep Fridge Organizer holding organized cards and envelopes

12×12 Paper Organizer Sleeves/Folder – these are not the same brand as mine, mine are discontinued

Bostitch Quiet Pencil Sharpner

Small Wooden Crates/Boxes on shelves

Label Maker

Magnetic Sheets for dies



  1. Vontina Collick says

    Thanks so much for sharing your craft room and ideas their is a container right next to my work place I will check it out. Your space is great hope to get mine in shape soon.

  2. Kirsten says

    Awesome craft room tour. Love the side board full of drawers that you purchased from Waterstreet Antiques. I checked them out online, and it’s a good thing I live in Colorado. Otherwise I would be in that store three times a week and buying new furnishing. It reminds me of my favorite store here in Denver – El Paso Imports. Check them out. They have several locations and, of course, you can purchase online just like Waterstreet. The little wood crate boxes look extremely handy. I’ll be purchasing some next time I order from Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to film your room for all of us.

  3. Carol V says

    Loved your tour, thanks for taking the time to film the tour and to answer my question today and guide me here. Love your craft room and all your storage containers, cabinets, bins….

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