Crafting 101 with guest Samuel Fragoza

Today’s post is a bit different.

In fact it’s totally different.  I have never had anyone on my You Tube channel to create with me.

Samuel is a friend of the family and he is a fellow creative.  He is working on releasing his first album and he needs our help.

You can pledge Samuel by clicking HERE.

Watch the video to get to know Samuel better, see what we create together and hear one of his beautiful songs.



  1. Tammy Burkhart says

    Oh Wendy this was great! Loved your video and yes I feel blessed to have heard this young mans beautiful song. This is my husbands and mine 14th Anniversary. 09/21/2016 Yes 14 of the most blessed years with my Best Friend. It was nice to wake up and see this video. Best of Luck you this young man!!!

  2. Bobbi Olmstead says

    What a really great video! Ssm did very well for his first card. Glad my first attempt wasn’t videotaped. Such a treat to hear your story and thank you for the beautiful music. !

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