Dazzle Dry For The Win

Today I am sharing a little secret and my new favorite thing that is NOT cardmaking. I know, weird. But I have to share this. I’ve been using this nail polish called Dazzle Dry and it’s the best kept secret ever.

If you’ve been here a while you know I love to have my nails painted for my cardmaking videos. You mostly see my hands and I don’t necessarily have model hands, so having nice nails is important to me.

I was using gel for years, but I didn’t like using the UV light and I hated how much they destroyed my nails.

After I abandoned using gel I decided to find the best base coat and top coat I could for good painting and lasting polish. No matter what I tried it either smelled so bad it gave me a headache or I painted in a day or two later my nails were chipping.

Enter Dazzle Dry. OH MY WORD, this product has been a game changer for me. I can paint my nails and it will stay looking great for at least 6 days, if I am careful even longer.

And if you’ve painted your nails for any length of time you’ll know that 6 days is a long time.

But quite possibly the best part is the lack of strong chemical odor. That has been a huge game changer for me. I hated the toxic smells when I painted my nails. While there is still a bit smell with the color polish, the base and top coat have very little odor and I am overjoyed with the results.

I painted my nails in Justice for the big game between the two rival high schools where we live. They turned out fabulous.

If you just want to try this product out they have little mini kits you can get and they have all the steps you need. It’s fantastic, and it’s how I started out using this product.

Here are the products I like to use when I do my nails. The little mini starter kit is a great place to start.

Some of the colors I’ve shared are my current favorites. Keep in mind anything that comes in a large size which is what I’ve listed here also comes in mini’s. So it’s about half the price.

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