Did I Lose Money on My Retreat To Go?

Today I am going to take you through figuring out all my income and expenses for my Retreat To Go.

We are going to find out if I have earned or lost money.

This was my very first Retreat To Go and I tried really hard to budget on point and spend only what I should spend.

One of my weaknesses is buying all the cute things.

When I have an event I often struggle feeling like “I’m not doing enough” for people.  This is the people pleaser in me.  So because of that I tend to keep adding cute things that I shouldn’t because it causes me to go WAY out of budget.

Today my video will go over what I spent on my retreat to go and the final analysis of the budget.




  1. Rachael Rife says

    Thanks for this Wendy! I want to start classes to go online and other things, so this was super insightful. I know doing anything the first time is hard and a lot of work physically and mentally. Thank you for sharing, and I hope to do one in the future. I truly appreciate the business parts you’ve been sharing. I appreciate the freebies too but am finally going to invest in my future thanks to you and get the full workbook as well!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING you do!`

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