Disney WEEK! Thankful Cards and Gifts

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Welcome to Disney WEEK!  First check out the amazing sale I have going on this week!  ALL ORDERS 20% OFF! This week is dedicated to everything Disney 🙂  Because I am on a much needed and much appreciated vacation in the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! DISNEYLAND!!!!  

I made some Thank You cards for my Aunt, who is house sitting and for my in laws, who are treating us to much of our amazing vacation.  Here is my fun video!  Watch everyday this week to hear the new songs and see the fun Disney Projects!

I also wanted to share some of the stuff I prepared to take with us for Macie to do on the 7 hour drive.

I packed this bag full of goodies.  Colorbooks, color crayons, pencils, pens, markers, books she could read.  I bought a few items that she has not seen and stuck them in here.  I also filled this mason jar with beans and then put random little objects in it so that she could do a treasure hunt in the jar.  
In addition to all that I brought the iPad with Disney movies downloaded to it, and we put Disney music on our iPod for the car ride down.  

Wish me luck! HAHA


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