Do you wanna build a Scarecrow?

Today I thought I would share something fun we did as a family this week.  This whole project only cost us $18.00 PERFECT!  We bought two bales of straw from our local feed store,  they were $9 a piece.  We really could’ve just bought one but I insisted we could need two and better to get two than make a second trip.

We used an old pair of work pants and old work shirt from my hubby’s stash.

SQUIRREL! LOL…. I got distracted and took a couple of photos in our front yard.  The leaves are turning and the flag looked so pretty waving in the wind.  I love our flag.

Ok back to the scarecrow….Here is the shirt getting all stuffed

And then Daddy gets him going on the tree.

Macie went to work on his head and face.

SQUIRREL.. Oh no wait that’s just my little bitty rat dog 🙂  He is always around to help.

All done!  I love our scarecrow.  This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this.  I think it went well and it sure was a fun evening together, and for cheap!  đź™‚

I was inspired after all this scarecrow building to make a card.  So here is the card I made based on our scarecrow (or as my daughter call them scaredcroweds)

This is my card and below that is a punch art photo for you to be able to put it together if you’d like.

Here you go:

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