Family is so COOL!

Family and Facebook are so cool!  I have cousins that live in Washington state.  Distance does not matter with these folks.  I am so close to them.  I think of them probably every day and miss them all the time.  My cousin Christy and her husband Jim are amazingly sweet and very talented people.  It comes as no surprise to me that their eldest daughter Ainsley has this much talent.  This video they posted on Facebook AMAZED me, I seriously watched it about 5 times.  Not only does she have amazing rhythm but she has a beautiful voice as well, just like her Mommy!  I decided to make a card for Ainsley and send it to her.  I want to remind her that her California family thinks she’s a pretty special lady! 
(watch this video – see the card below)

I sat down at my computer and designed this card in MDS2 in about 5 minutes!  I wanted to make her something with her name on it.  If you want a free trial of MDS2 you can click on this image to get it:

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