Find Out the Best Adhesives to Use for Your Card Making

Tips for using different adhesives for card making. Find out the best adhesives for each step in your cards. Wendy Cranford

Adhesives are absolute essentials for card makers.

Knowing what adhesive to use for certain mediums is super important.  You know, so you can keep your card from falling apart.  Or so your cute little 3D project doesn’t just pop open and spill all the candy you stuffed it with.

Ask me how I know what adhesives to use?  LOL.  Yeah that’s right.  I have made the cute little 3D thing only have it unravel on me as I go to hand it to the recipient.


Check out the video to see some of the adhesives Stampin’ UP! has to offer and hear about how they work.  If you need any of these adhesives you can pick them up in my online store.  Just click on the images below the video.

Click on the images below to purchase the adhesives.

2 thoughts on “Find Out the Best Adhesives to Use for Your Card Making”

  1. I also refill the tom bow glue dispenser with white glue for when I am doing kids projects and I love the bigger end for gluing paper. Thanks for all the great ideas and tutorials. I look forward hearing them every week or so. Take care from Ottawa, ontario in Canada.


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