Fire in Amador

Hi All

I am dropping in for a super quick update.  Where I live has a major fire burning.  If you want to look it up you can read about it by searching Butte Fire Amador County.

I am coordinating donation efforts and have a family that has evacuated staying at my home.  15,000 are without power, 32,000 acres have burned, and several have lost their homes.  Our small community is being terrorized. Please pray for us.

I will most likely not be on for the next few days.  If you want to see regular updates on what’s happening you can follow me on FB HERE:

IMG_5578 IMG_5586 IMG_5588 IMG_5592 IMG_5602 IMG_5607 IMG_5610

4 thoughts on “Fire in Amador”

  1. Prayers go out to you and your community. It is wonderful to hear that you are out there helping the people (and animals) that really need it.

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures and the video. My prayers are going out for you and everyone living in the areas where the fires are. Our state is being ravaged by fire also. But seeing your video shows what the people that are affected by these terrible fires are living through. It is nice to know your family is safe and that you are able to help another family that was made to leave there home. Stay safe and know that you and your community are in our hearts and prayers.


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