Follow Me To Hawaii

My family and I are boarding a plane today and taking off for Hawaii.

In case you are considering breaking into my house while I am gone, I have 15 Doberman Pinchers, the Secret Service and a SWAT team standing by to kill you.  Just saying.

We are beyond excited to be going on this trip.  All expenses have been paid by Stampin’ UP!

Earning this trip for my family is humbling, surreal and a dream come true. 

These are the goodies I got in the mail from Stampin’ UP! to prepare for our adventure.


If I could pack you in my bag and take you with me I totally would!

Since I can’t …. Make sure you are following me on




I will be posting pics and snippets of videos from Hawaii.


I wasn’t intending to share the following piece of info when I started this blog post.  Something hit me as I was creating this and thought I should share it.

I get asked regularly: “How do you do what you do?”  and  “How do you earn these trips?”

I do have an answer.

I have a super long winded answer and then I have the readers digest version, as my husband would call it.

Here is the short answer:

God’s grace, hard work and determination.  Serving others.  Never giving up.  Setting Goals.

The long answer:

Every thing I do in my life is meant to serve someone else.

I serve you by creating these blog posts.  By providing inspiration and creativity and hopefully sometimes a place for your to get a chuckle.

I serve my family by being a good Mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter and sister.

I serve my fellow demonstrator by helping when I can.  Providing answers, support and encouragement.

By doing this I serve God.

I believe in the depths of my soul that God has blessed me with unique talents that allow me to be successful in this business.  And He has blessed me with the knowledge that hard work can change your life and the life of those around you.

I have to remind myself OFTEN that I am here to serve others.  Putting others needs in front of my own doesn’t always come naturally.

I say none of these things to sound righteous or boastful.  As I write this I hope it does not come across that way.

My point is.  Every single day I am serving others.

If you do this.  If you think about everything you do as a way serving then you will be blessed beyond measure.

Work hard.  Luv hard.  Play hard.  Serve hard.  You will be blessed.

All my love to you and many many thanks for your LUV and support of my business.


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