FREE Set Of Stampin’ UP! Ink Pads

I’m sure you’ve read the news somewhere!  Starting today, you can get an entire Stampin’ UP! color family (that’s 10 ink pads) FREE when you purchase the Stampin’ UP! Starter Kit.

Did I lose you?

Don’t bail on me yet.  Just listen up.

All that buying the Stampin’ UP! starter kit means is that you love Stampin’ UP! products, that you want to get a discount on your orders AND that you would love to be part of my awesome online community of stampers.

It is the best deal for you

You do NOT have to sell Stampin’ UP! products just because you buy the starter kit.

You do NOT have to host any type of workshop or party.

You do NOT have to attend meetings.

So what’s the catch!?

Really there is none.

If you want to remain an active member of Stampin’ UP! and get the discount you will purchase a minimum of $300 per quarter… BUT if you don’t do that no harm, no foul.  You simply go back to being one of my awesome customers!

Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.  Just sign up and enjoy the discount!


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