Freebie Friday #17 – Congrats to Macie

I am so happy for my little girl!  Today is her last day of Kindergarten.  We homeschooled this year and it has been a wild ride, but so amazing.  We had a few bumps in the road but overall it turned out to be a wonderful school year and a blessing.

We met with her CT (certified teacher) last week and she gave us the seal of approval and gave Macie a rave review.  It was wonderful.  Today’s video is a share of our school year! 🙂

We have made the decision to continue homeschooling for 1st grade.  I always say each year is a new year and we will see what it brings.

Your Freebie this week is one roll of Stampin’ UP! New In Color Ribbon, your color choice…
 Please leave a comment on the video telling me your favorite childhood school memory or one of your child or grandchild 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Freebie Friday #17 – Congrats to Macie”

  1. My favorite school memory was 1st grade. I was reading way above grade level, and on a regular basis, when the rest of the class was doing really basic work, my teacher would send me to the office to read to the principal, Mr. Woodard. He was always welcoming, and would ask me questions about how school was going, how was my family etc. and then listen to me read a chapter or two. I was never afraid of “going to the principal’s”. Years later, my mom shared that he was working on his doctoral dissertation, and I was part of his study group.

  2. Fabulous video, Wendy. Congratulations to both you and Macie on a successful first year of Homeschooling !! My favorite memories of school is the 3 years I Homeschooled my Granddaughter who is a really high achiever. This was especially fun for me because I had taught Special Ed for 30 years. We got to do so many things (like Macie and you) that don’t usually happen in regular school. We did cooking, Science experiments, nature studies, Stampin’ Up projects of course !!, and anything that we could use for school credit. Since she did her regular work so quickly and correctly, we would go on “Field Trips” quite often ~ great fun and wonderful learning experiences. Maddie loved it and really thrived. I’m glad you are Homeschooling for First Grade !! Happy Kindergarten Graduation, Macie :0)

  3. Wow! That was precious. Enjoy every minute of those years. How I miss raising my kids. They grew up way to fast but at least I have the most precious granddaughter. I have 2 recent pictures that are my favorite. 1 is of my daughter and Audreonna (granddaughter) walking down the hall on the first day of pre school. I took it from the back and it is just so cute to see how little she is in that big hall and even from the back you can see they are both apprehensive of the whole thing. The 2 nd is again from the back where you can see Audreonna’s back pack taking up almost her whole body. She is just such a little peanut. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

  4. Very sweet video of Macie! Reminds me of a few years ago, spending a few weeks with my daughter and grandchildren. I loved walking them to school in the morning, and when we got there, all the children’s backpacks were hung on an outdoor rolling rack. My granddaughter, Kayla, was in first grade. Although she could be pretty vocal and rambunctious at home, she was pretty shy at school.

  5. What an adorable child you have. Congrats Macie. and Mommy too. Many years ago my daughter wanted to get my granddaughter in a specific school and we knew it would be difficult. We actually camped out in front of the school for two days in a mobile home so we could get in the beginning of the line to get her registered. .Last week my granddaughter graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Radiology (with honors too) . Today is her celebration party. I’m so proud of her. She has always loved school and I credit that first school for forming her love of learning.

  6. Looks like you two (three, including Daddy) had a great school year. Congrats! My favorite memory of school isn’t my own, but my childrens’. I have three and volunteered in their classrooms on a regular basis. I also volunteered in other capacities in their schools…for nineteen years! I loved all the activities and was a bit sad when my youngest graduated from high school and went away to college. But those three kids have given me seven grandbabies to love and cherish…and help educate!
    Connie S in California

  7. Congratulations to you and Macie. I think I would home school if I had kids and could do it- there are so many resources now to help you. My favorite memory from school was seeing what reading group I was in. I was a total reading nerd and “had” to be in the top group each year. By halfway thru 5th grade they had me picking my own books because I had already read everything they had at the school!


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