Friendship Friday DIY Chalkboard Banner Tutorial

diy chalkboard banner

Friendship is a funny thing, isn’t it?  You find this person that you know nothing about, you have been raised by totally different people.  Your demographics may or may not be similar.  And you make a conscious decision to like this person.  And eventually, you may make a decision to then divulge the inner workings of your mind, heart and soul to this person.

Well at least this is how it is for women.  I am pretty sure guys just grunt and scratch and sometimes punch each other, and that is the extent of their friendship.  No deep thoughts shared.  Surface stuff. (YES I KNOW, not ALL guys, I am referring to my sampling of the male gender.)

diy chalkboard banner

Creating a DIY Chalkboard banner seems like the perfect gift to give to a friend.  You have complete creative control.  You can put any word you want on the banner to express your gratitude, love or thoughts on  your friendship.  I knew a BLESSED banner would be a great gift for my friend Katina.

Step one:  I created the chalkboard banner pieces using chalkboard paper from Stampin’ UP! and the Party Pennants Biz L Die.  I wanted a banner too.  So I cut enough for one banner for myself and one for my friend Katina.

create chalkboard banner

 Step 2:  Stack your chalkboard banner pieces together and then punch them out using a cropadile.

step two chalkboard banner

 Step 3:  Use ribbon or twine to string your chalkboard banner pieces together.

step three chalkboard banner

 Step 4:  Add your decorations.  I used the Calypso Coral Pom Pom’s from Stampin’ UP! and some Coastal Cabana ribbon also from Stampin’ UP!

step four chalkboard banner

Step 5:  Use a piece of chalk to write your letters on your chalkboard banner.  I would reccomend going online or on your word or pages program and finding a font you like and typing the word out and then trying to copy the letters.  This is a great guide so your letters don’t look weird.

diy chalkboard banner

Now hang that beautiful chalkboard banner up for everyone to see.  Don’t forget to make one for a friend in the process.

diy chalkboard banner

In case you’d rather see a video…. I made you one 🙂  You can check it out below.

This is a list of supplies I used to create this DIY Chalkboard Banner.  HOWEVER, if you aren’t into figuring it all out yourself I get it.  So you can just purchase the chalkboard banner kit below and EVERYTHING comes in one cool package.  No need for any other supplies.

Just click on the images below to purchase (please not the pom pom trim is not available at this time, sorry)


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