Get a Jump Start on Your Christmas Cards

christmas card prep

I have to tell you that every year I have the best of intentions of getting all my christmas cards created by end of November.

And every year I end up in a frenzy on about December 1st over the fact that I either A) haven’t started my christmas cards or B) I haven’t created enough.

Now you may be thinking, just order them online, and send them out.

Yes a normal person would probably take this approach.

At what point have I give you the indication I am normal?  HA!  I am a total type A, people pleasing, over achiever, these are not always bad traits.  So I think in my crazy head that I have to make my christmas cards or people will be disappointed.

There I’ve said it.  I should also mention I do love to make the cards.  It just so happens that I am short on time like the rest of civilization.

So today’s post is all about how to avoid this.  We can do this people.  If we plan and prepare now.  We can do this.

Today is not just for you, it’s for me to.  Let’s band together in christmas card preparedness.

christmas cards note cards

Hope you enjoy the video.

Ok, I attempted to keep the supply list very minimal.  Here are the supplies you need to have stellar and quick christmas cards.

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