Getting Our Grub On, Punjabi Style


Meet our friend Deep.  He’s the dude on the right.  Deep is one of my hubby’s best friends in all the world.  It just so happens among his many talents Deep is punjabi, which means NEW FOOD for us.  I have only had indian food one time in my life.  So I asked Deep if he would spend the evening teaching me and my sis in law Lindsey how to cook punjabi food.


We started out by making raita.  We used greek yogurt and took about a half of cucumber and grated it.  Then Deep squeezed the grated cucumber over the sink to get all the extra juice out of it.  We mixed it into the yogurt and added salt and pepper.  It is a delicious dip.  Such a fresh and light dip, great for summer time.  I dipped my tomatoes and cucumbers in it.  It took tomatoes and cucumbers to a whole new level.


We cooked chicken curry on the BBQ.  Deep suggested we cook outside because indian food could give the house a distinct smell that you may not want hanging out.  So I was cool with that.  I thought it was super fun to BBQ all the food.  That way everyone could hang out and visit.


Included in our awesome meal we had basmati rice.  On another BBQ we cooked tandoori chicken.  Um, I burned it.  Yep I did.  I didn’t mean to, but there was so much going on I let it sit too long.  We still ate it though and it as yummy.


Katina was over visiting with her kiddos and she couldn’t resist getting in on this awesome grub.


One of my favorite things in the whole world is food and family.  In my life my friends ARE my family.   I believe that love is thicker than blood.  I truly love these people with all my heart.  (especially the super hunky one on your right, closest to the screen) He really melts my butter.


I hope you enjoyed our fun night of hanging out.  Wish you could’ve been there with us.  OH, and no weekend dinner night is complete at the Cranford house without an evening fire.



4 thoughts on “Getting Our Grub On, Punjabi Style”

  1. You have the most fun with your family and friends!! I love all your projects, but really enjoy hearing about your fun times, too. Thank you for sharing *Ü*


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