Goal Update

UPDATE ON MY GOAL:  I now have less than $1,000.00 to go to hit my goal.  I need to have this much in sales by June 30th!  Here is what I have come up with to help me do that and to be a benefit to you:

Collect $100 in orders from friends, coworkers, family members, or place your own $100 or more order and you get FREE PRODUCT.  That’s right.  EVERYONE WINS!!!!  Everyone gets something FREE!
2) Enter this hostess code at the check out: MAJJRAJ2 
3) Have your friends and family do the same!
Email me the list of everyone you asked to put in orders (REMEMBER their orders do not have to be $100, they can be any amount, you just have to show that you are the one that got them to order TOWARDS your $100)
Party will close on June 25th!

The drawing will be as follows for the $2400 catalog event!

(if I do not have a $2400 event, the prizes will be less but I will still be giving away gifts)
**** 12 (twelve) people will receive $30.00 in FREE merchandise of your choice from the current catalog.  That’s better than having your own $150 party!
****4 (four) people will get a half price item of their choice.
Any item, you choose, half off.
**** 8 (eight) people will get FREE shipping on a future purchase made within one year.
****those that place smaller orders will get a thank you card from me and a small package of embellishments****

EVERYONE WINS!!!!!!  All 24 participants will win!


I will also be doing a drawing for a basket of goodies valued at $100.00!  This part will only be if I hit my goal and earn the Achievers Award!


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