Handmade Pop Up Cards Like A Pro

Today’s handmade pop up cards are inspired by Jennifer McGuire. She is the queen of pop up cards. I decided to try one of her techniques and of course, it turned out fantastic.

These cards are framed pop up window cards. A little different than a traditional pop up card that has something on the inside popping out at you when you open it.

Handmade Pop Up Cards

This gorgeous card is made with brand new Waves of the Ocean products from Stampin’ UP! These products will be available March 1st. Unless of course, you purchase the starter kit and then you can put this awesome collection of products in your starter kit (Waves of the Ocean Collection #161797 $79.25)

Waves of the Ocean card idea and handmade pop up cards

Believe it or not, this is a simple pop up card idea. All you have to do is cut a frame and fold some small W shape springs with window sheets or acetate sheets. I didn’t even measure the W shape springs, that’s how easy they are to make.

To make the frame on this card I layered one Rectangle Stitched Die inside of the another and cut them at the same time, this created a fun frame to add my ocean waves to.

Waves of the Ocean card idea and handmade pop up cards

If you love the colors I used you can purchase the inks below. And don’t forget to add on the Blending Brushes, they make beautiful ink blended backgrounds.

There are so many tutorials out there on how to make good pop up cards, but I’ve only found one on how to make pop up cards with a frame. As I mentioned above, check out Jennifer McGuire Ink for lots of fun ideas, that’s where I learned how to make these cards.

Quick Slimline Instructions

For this slimline pop up frame card I cut a piece of Basic White Thick cardstock at 7″ x 8-1/2″ and scored on the portrait side (7″ side) at 3-1/2″.

Then I used the Slimline Sayings bundle to create the beautiful mosaic background. I started by ink blending on Basic White Thick cardstock and then I die cut it.

For the “thanks” sentiment, I die cut the outline in Basic Black and the inside in Basic White and added them to the frame by only gluing the tips of the word to the frame.

Stampin’ UP! Supply List:

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7 thoughts on “Handmade Pop Up Cards Like A Pro”

  1. Wendy these cards are absolutely gorgeous! I wasn’t sure i liked the new Waves of the Ocean bundle, I only ordered the rhinestones and blue glimmer paper, but you have made me think twice about it with this card! It is so beautiful! I absolutely love watching Jennifer McGuire, she is such a valuable resource for awesome “out of the box” ideas, this being one of them. By the way, i am a Catholic and I am glad that you are attending this seminar with your friend, it sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks for the great inspiration! Happy stampin’

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    I was raised Episcopalian and it is similar to Catholic.
    Sounds like a good seminar with some inspiration thrown in.
    Great cards too. What a creative person.

  3. Hey, Wendy, love these cards!! The ocean card is stunning and I’ll have to try that one.
    I am Catholic and so glad you’re searching for more information so you can form your own opinion instead of what you think you’ve known all your life. I also get comments often about how much wine is available for Catholic events outside of church. Keep in mind, moderation is still encouraged but Jesus didn’t turn water into grape juice – it was wine. And back then, when there were no refrigerators, fermentation was how they preserved their drink – water wasn’t readily available like we have it. They travelled far for water, hence meeting at the well (I know you know that story). Anyway, I realize this was only a moment in a beautiful experience – so enjoy it, learn as much as you can and pray that you will find how this should fit into your spiritual life. I’ll pray for you, too, for guidance and love.


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