Happy Anniversary Gramma & Grampa

Today I want to share a photo of a card I made for my Grandparents… They are celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary today.  They are beyond precious to me.  They had a large role in raising me and my sister and they still are raising me up.  Two days ago I called my Grampa and asked him a question on how to fix something and then we talked politics.  At near 90 years old he is still a rock for me, sound in his mind and still wants to help us anyway he can.  His pearls of wisdom will reach far beyond my generation into my daughters, I share so much with her that he has taught me.  Even the fundamentals I use to raise her up, he always says, “Children need equal amounts of two things, Love and Discipline.  If you do that, they’ll be fine”
My Gramma is a little short feisty 83 year old.  She loves to laugh and cook.  She spends her time these days mostly griping at Grampa for not doing anything.  She works circles around him, while he sits in his chair and watches TV.  
About 2 years ago they were in a horrible car accident.  My Grampa fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree going 55 MPH.  They both had MAJOR injuries.  Being in their 80’s the doctors had little to no hope that they would even survive, and if they did, likely they would be in a home or not mobile.  But I knew one thing the Dr’s did not know, I knew the stock these two people are made of.  These were strong, hard working, southerners and they would not go down like this!  I prayed to God harder than I’d ever prayed.  God willing, here we are two years later and they both are walking, with canes now, but walking, they take care of themselves completely and live in their own home.  All we do is drive them around, which is not entirely easy for Grampa but he’s gotten use to the idea.  And I am 31 and he still tells me how to park my car.

They are a blessing and a God send.  I know that God kept them here, not for them, but for us.  Because He knew our family would not survive losing them both at one time.  Here are some photos….. Have a blessed day!

Gramma and Grampa with Great Granddaughter Makayla and Great Nephew Kyle before he deployed to Afghanistan

Grampa with two of his Great Grandchildren
I love this photo!  This is Gramma in one of her laughing fits!!  She laughed so hard here, I wish I remembered what it was over!



  1. Mel says

    How neat! Love the story about your grandparents and your card. It is a true blessing you still have your grandparents around.

  2. Karol L says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a blessing to have your Grandparents in your lives and how very lucky they are to have your kindness and love in theirs.
    And I love your card, beafutiul.

  3. Carrie K says

    Beautiful card! I jnow how you feel about your grandparents. I feel the same for mine. We lost Grandpa 4 years ago but Grandma is still doing well at almost 93! She is still sharp as a tack and I love spending time with her and listening to her stories! I know someday she will be gone too and it just breaks my heart to think about it.

  4. Cindy Henry says

    WOW!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and touching story about your loving Grandparents. You are so fortunate to have them in your life as they are to have you in theirs. I am a Grandma myself and my Granddaughter and I are very, very close. It’s the most precious thing in my life !! I learned how true this saying is: A Grandchild fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

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