Hold On To Hope, Florida

My heart sank when I heard the news of yet another school shooting.

Florida suffered such an incredible loss and I am simply devastated for all those effected by such an atrocity.

Mental illness is real in our world, very real.  We need to do something to help people and to protect people.  But what?

I don’t think any amount of gun reform will fix this plague.  I think it’s a people and heart issue.

We’ve become almost desensitized to it.  I remember the very first mass school shooting, Columbine.  It was horrifying and the amount of outpouring and discussion over it was huge.  Now when we see one of these come across the news my response is, “Another one?  I am so sad for these people”  And then I pick up and go on about my day.  It’s so sad that we’ve gotten to this place.

Today the cards  I am sharing will be mailed with a note inside of hope and encouragement.  I am praying that when I put them in the mail they will get into the hands of someone that God had the message for.  I am praying God will make sure they find the path to give that person some piece of hope.  Hope is our strength.  It’s what gets us through something so tragic our earthly minds can’t cope with it.

TIPS for this card:

  • Use your inks and sponges to blend color on a piece of card stock to create your own card stock background.
  • Sprinkle water droplets on the card stock and then use a paper towel to soak up the color, this creates more texture.
  • Use a die cut to cut out a shape, and then use the negative and the shape to make two cards.

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5 thoughts on “Hold On To Hope, Florida”

  1. Wendy, What an awesome card!! Know that our awesome God has already prepared the heart of the person who will receive the card you have made. I always know one thing with the cards we make, they are always on time and always to the right person, because I know our God makes this all happen!!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  2. I am so sad about all the school shootings!???? so I’ve been praying for them! I just don’t like that we are getting all these people in this world that want to do things like that! My heart goes out to South Florida! ❤️ Is there a way I can send cards to them? If so can you please tell me how!????? Thanks Wendy!

    • Hi Hannah, I have an address but I’m not sure I am allowed to share it. I will find out. If you don’t hear from me that means I wasn’t allowed to give it out.

  3. I hear you, I have been saying that it’s not IF it is going to happen close by, but when. When the CMU shooting happened, that it close to home. I am so thankful(???) that it was domestic and he didn’t go after students. How to help these young adults learn there are better ways if dealing with life stress that killing. Thank you for finding a way to help the healing start with beautiful cards.


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