How I Avoid Overspending On a New Catalog

Let’s face it.  I want it all.

When a new catalog hits my hands, I basically want to buy everything.

But that’s not really possible or reasonable.  So I have come up with a way to manage my spending with a new catalog.

If you are reading this and you are either A) not a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator, or B) don’t really care about budgeting for your craft supplies.  You definitely should buy it all and have fun doing it 🙂

No judgement.

But if you’re like me and still need to buy food.  Or maybe you would like to have a profit from your sales instead of spending it all immediately, then let’s chat.  This video and today’s free download is FOR YOU.

I have also created a new Facebook group that I think you should be part of.  CLICK HERE to join.  Remember this group is for business stuff.  SO there won’t be any stamping, etc.  But it’s a great place for sharing ideas and chatting about this kind of thing.



Can you do me a favor?  If you’re a demonstrator and you are loving what I’m doing with these new videos, can you please comment below with questions for me?
Leaving me questions helps direct me in what people are needing help with the most!
I appreciate you! Happy Stampin!

8 thoughts on “How I Avoid Overspending On a New Catalog”

  1. Hi Wendy, Your budget workbook and the extras is fabulous. Wish it was available a long time ago. I would be that much further along in seeing profit, instead of wildly overspending. Thanks so much for sharing,
    Elaine Bedigian

  2. I should have commented last week….thanks you so very much for sharing your personal life with us..It is very informative…Hey, I also love chickens……

  3. This really is a valuable series and service. I am a new demo and haven’t much of a clue about how to manage to expenses getting started or even he best first steps. Right now I am trying to get my craft room rearranged for a few crafters to join me and acquiring paper, ink and tools so it appears like I know a bit more than I do when “teaching” others to have fun playing while creating with SU. I simply can’t buy every suite or even every item in a suite. I’d really appreciate hints on best guessing (when a new catalog is about to release) which products or lines are likely to be more sale worthy. Are you good at predicting? If so, can you give we newbies some tips so we can invest wisely? For example- lots of You-Tubers are showcasing the new lily stamp. I thinks it’s out of scale (too long). Does anyone know if it is selling like hot cakes? Is there a price point for stamp and die sets that customers tend to edge away from? Or does it matter much? Maybe it’s just my approx $50 or less hang up and I need to get over it. As you can tell I’m fraught with fear of over investing in and emphasizing the wrong design suite choices. When you explained your budget it seemed your postage was quite high? I hope you explain more about this. Oh and how you use and account with PayPal too? Is that mainly for classes you sell? Anything you will share on maximizing income streams and minimizing expenses will be heavenly as well. I can’t express how much I appreciate you opening your heart, your budget, laying it on the line and honestly coaching us. Most folk wouldn’t even think of sharing like you are doing. It’s a big gift of time, effort and surely emotion. Hope God blesses you big time! You are pretty amazing ya’ know.


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