How I Set Up My Monthly Stampin’ UP! Budget

Today I am sharing how I set up my monthly Stampin’ UP! budget.

I have shown this before but it’s been a while and I have found myself struggling to keep on top of my budgeting.

Summer time means, kid out of school, traveling, family time, which means less time for keeping up with budgets.

In fact as I have prepared this blog post my child has come in the room and asked me questions about 4 times. It makes it hard to stay on task but I am glad to have her home and spend time with her.

So join me and go back to basics with budgeting. Let’s get our fall and prepare to get our new Stampin’ UP! year off on the right start.

1 thought on “How I Set Up My Monthly Stampin’ UP! Budget”

  1. Hey, Wendy, just watch your video on your Budget Folder, May I say how easy to follow but very professional it looks. I am in Australia and our financial Tax Year is 1 July – 30 June. Your setup would be very accepted by financial Taxation Agents with the exception of where are your Receipts and also a page showing your monthly debit and credits with an area to place your extra service and or goods tax when you purchase your orders and pay your bills. Maybe this only applies for us in Australia so I hope I have not confused you but I thought you in the USA and Canada pay extra as taxes when you purchase something. Example A printer price ticket says $40.00 but when you get to the checkout it actually costs you $48.00.
    Here in Australia the GST is included into the cost of the purchase so what is on the price ticket is what we pay at the cash register.
    In adding all of this it is a great setup and others could add the extra needs for themselves as they have there budget and actuals written down.
    I myself are still trying to start a SU business I just cannot get any customers or recruits so I am the “Hobby Demo” and this would be perfect for anyone to record what and where their money goes.
    I do have a recording system myself but if by chance something changes I will consider buying this from you in the future.

    I myself have had awhile off Stamping but mine was due to ill health , now on the road to recovery I’m hoping things will change for the better.
    Congratulations and good luck with this adventure. Christine Matias.


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