How To Get Started with Cardmaking | Basic Tools & Tips

If you love being creative and making things with your hands, cardmaking is a great way to channel your creative energy into a heartfelt product. Once you have mastered some basic cardmaking techniques, you’ll soon be able to create a beautiful and professional-looking accompaniment to any gift. 

If you’ve always wanted to create your own giftable masterpieces but have been unsure where to start, consider this blog your cardmaking 101 guide. We’ll cover the materials you need to start making your own works of art, and how specific cardmaking tutorials can develop your skills and originality. 


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What do I need to get started with cardmaking? 

The beauty of cardmaking is that it can be as minimal or elaborate as your personal aesthetic and skill level dictates. If you love embellishments, glitter and elaborate moving components, you can layer up complex designs to your heart’s content. On the other hand, if a simple graphic style is more your speed, you can create visually interesting and clean designs too. There are a few essentials you’ll need to begin any project, including:

  • Basic white or black card stock — You can actually use any color card stock you want when creating cards, but white and black make good bases for many designs, allowing scope to experiment. Having thick card stock that can support heavier designs and maintain its shape is key to getting a professional result. 
  • Sharp cutting implements — Even if you’re just starting out with scissors, sharp-cut blades are essential for creating clean lines and getting the effect you want. If you want crisp straight lines and sharp corners, investing in a paper trimmer or cutting blades will help. For cutting complex paper shapes, a precision knife is also a great multipurpose tool.
  • A sturdy mat or board — The last thing you want from your new hobby is a scratched up timber dining table! A self healing mat will give you a protective surface to work on and allow you to make cuts safely. CLICK HERE for one similar to what I use.
  • A bone folder — Essential for giving you crisp, folded edges without tearing or damaging the paper, a bone folder is another item that will elevate your homemade cards from craft to high art.
  • Adhesive — Whether you prefer to work with tape, glue, adhesive sequins, or another medium, fast-drying and reliable adhesives are essential for setting your designs in place.
  • Stamps and ink — If you don’t have the world’s most impressive penmanship, stamps are a great tool for imparting messages and designs on cards. A stamp set with common birthday wishes and thank you messages can be used across many projects to create a visual impact.
  • Storage — One of the easiest ways to lose track of your projects is by becoming disorganized. Having adequate storage to keep your card, paper and inks stored flat and out of direct sunlight will extend their life and allow you to easily browse your collection to choose the right elements for your next project. I like to use Stamp N Storage, CLICK HERE to see their products.

Of course, almost anything can be incorporated into your cardmaking. With the right cardmaking techniques, you can start to use pressed flowers, string, and cardboard bunting, glitter, and other three-dimensional decorative elements in your cardmaking in no time. We recommend buying these essentials as a base, after which you can let your collection grow! Slowly, you’ll probably find yourself keeping feathers, interesting scraps of paper, thread and stationery that catch your eye. 

Easy cardmaking techniques for beginners

+ Fun Fold Cards As we’ve mentioned, making three-dimensional cards is a lot of fun and creates a major wow factor for your recipient. To get free cardmaking tutorials on awesome Fun Fold Card ideas, CLICK HERE.

+ Ink Blending Technique – This is my all-time favorite cardmaking technique. This technique is simple to do and requires just ink pads and blending brushes and of course Basic White cardstock. To see how to create a beautiful ink blended card, CLICK HERE.

There are many more fun cardmaking techniques that are easy for beginners. Check out this link to see more ideas.

Ready to learn more? 

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired by these ideas, and ready to jump into your own cardmaking project. At Luvin Stampin, we’re always planning new ways to create little moments of happiness and creativity through papercrafts. Check out our cardmaking tutorials, or get in touch with us to find out more about perfecting the art of cardmaking, purchasing the right tools for your project, or sourcing extra inspiration. 



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