How To Make a Paper Valentines Day Garland

I love having decorations around the house that are handmade for each holiday.

Valentines day has never been a big deal in our house. In fact, funny story, when my hubby and I were dating I told him I never wanted anything for Valentines day.

He totally thought I was doing that girl thing, where you say one thing but you mean something else.

When I reassured him that I was 100% serious, I’m pretty sure he thought he hit the jackpot.

Truth be told. I got soured on Valentines with an ex. He found it appropriate to only be kind on Valentines and my birthday and I thought, this is dumb.

I want a man that is nice to me all year. I don’t need a day to have someone celebrate me or be kind to me. I need an all year kind of guy.

Found him! Woohoo. This year we will be together 17 years, I can’t believe it.

Here is the replay from yesterdays Facebook live!

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