How To Make Succulent Rocks

How to make succulent rocks with supplies you have around the house.

My daughter loves to do arts and crafts. We decided to learn how to make succulent rocks.

I know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.

She came to me and said, “Mom, I have a fun project we could do together.”

She, of course, found the idea on Pinterest. Where any good arts and crafter finds their inspiration.

Here is how to make succulent rocks.

Painting process of our succulent rocks

The great thing about this project is it was really enjoyable for both of us. Sometimes that can be hard to find.

She was in charge of finding all the rocks. She went out and found flat rocks that we could paint.

We gathered all kinds of green paints that we had in our arsenal and some white and pink paint as well.

Use white paint to create accents on the succulent rocks.

A quick trip to the hardware store to get the terracotta pot and we were ready.

We sat and painted for a few hours one evening and it was a lovely time well spent.

We loved the finished product and now we have a fun decoration for our dining room table.

See other fun crafty tutorials on my blog.

We had such a nice day watching movies and painting rocks. I feel like both of us got a lot out of the time we spent together.

Mommy, daughter days are the best.

Do you have any fun Pinterest adventures you’ve done lately?

5 thoughts on “How To Make Succulent Rocks”

  1. I noticed the painted succulents the last time I was there and thought how adorable. Thought you probably purchased at Target! What a fun project for you both!

    • So sweet to read this and love the finished rock planting!!! Great job! Mommy and daughter times are the best. God blessed me with many moments with my two daughters and now with my granddaughters!!! Amen to that!!!

  2. Can you tell me the paint colors you used? I would like to paint some to put in a flower bucket I have at my husbands grave, I keep real succulents in the pot but it is cold and the rocks would look lovely until weather gets warmer and I can put live plants in the bucket,


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