How to make Vintage Tags, Freebie Friday #50

Why is it that we like old stuff?  We like the way it looks.  We take something new and make it old.  There is a whole movement of taking something new or even slightly used and doing everything we can to make it look old.  This is bizarre behavior.  My Grandma HATES old stuff.  She doesn’t like antiques, because “they look old” she says.  She claims that because she grew up during the great depression and everything was old, or used, or reused, or up cycled, or recycled, that you are crazy to WANT to something that looks old.  She says once you have to live with everything being old and used you will want only new.  Perhaps she is right.  I have been blessed thus far to not have experienced this, only having old stuff.  So I fancy the old, the antique and the vintage.  I hope you enjoy my vintage tags.  Grandma didn’t care for them 🙂

My friend and team member Dreamia likes old stuff too.  Well she likes stuff to look old.  She taught me how to die these tags via Skype.  You can buy the tags at Staples.  The come in a big pack of 100 for about $6.00.

Get regular old Lipton tea bags.  Bring your water to a boil in a big pot and put your tea bags in.  Let the water get really dark.  I used A LOT of tea bags.

Then you put your tags in the pot and let them cook for about 2 – 4 minutes.  They come out a beautiful brown, vintage, old, tarnished color.  To see the exclusive video on how I finished making these tags you have to sign up for my free exclusive tutorials HERE.

Please note: You will not receive the video immediately.  You will receive it about 6 weeks after you sign up for my Free Exclusive Tutorials.  HOWEVER, you will get 5 other free tutorials in between that time.

Don’t forget that Sale A Brations is going on now.  For every $50 you spend you get a FREE Sale A Bration item.

Supplies needed to make these tags are listed here.  You can order them online from me by clicking any of the images below.

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