How To Organize Your Paper Pumpkin Stamp Sets

How to organize your paper pumpkin stamps. Wendy Cranford

Creative storage and organization solutions are one of my favorite things to talk about, do and buy.

I almost can’t go into a Container Store or the home organization aisle in a store because I will buy something.  I don’t NEED it but I want it.  I LOVE boxes, totes, pretty much anything that can be used for organizing.

Anyway, I knew I needed a solution for my Paper Pumpkin stamp sets.  Each month I get a stamp set with my Paper Pumpkin kit but had no way to store them nicely.

Check out my video to see how I store these.  And below the video you will find a supply list that has all the supplies I used to create this storage system.  You can also sign up to get Paper Pumpkin monthly by clicking HERE.



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