How to Store and Organize Ink Pads

My ink pad storage has changed a lot over the years. It started with simply stacking my inks. This works pretty good if you don’t have a budget for storage options.

Honestly, I used this option for 8 years and it got me by just fine.

Stamp N Storage Ink Pad and ink refill storage.

I’ve now settled on Stamp N Storage ink and refill for my ink pad storage. I love it.

Before this I used Stampin’ UP!’s storage for ink pads, which I also liked, but it wouldn’t fit in the IKEA Kallax unit that I have coming soon. Truthfully, the only reason I changed my storage is so it would fit in the Kallax unit.

Ink pad and ink refill in Real Red from Stampin' UP!

My best tips for ink pad storage and organization:

+ I store my inks by color, in rainbow order. I do this because it makes the most sense in my brain. Some people prefer organizing their ink pads according to Stampin’ UP! color family. I say do what makes you happy.

+ Ink pads should be stored flat.

+ Ink refills can be stored lots of ways. I use to keep mine in a drawer. Now they are stored by the ink pads.

+ Keep your ink pads stored close to where you stamp. It’s very inconvenient to have to get up and get ink pads while you’re creating.

+ If you do keep your ink pads in a drawer store them flat and put a note card on the top with information as to which colors are in that stack.

+ Do what you can afford. Don’t go broke trying to buy fancy storage. Use what you have. I use to stack my ink pads in cardboard boxes and it worked perfectly fine.

Stampin’ UP!’s ink pad storage is a great option. As I share in the video, I had no issues with this storage system. It simply wasn’t going to work in my new space. CLICK HERE to see a full craft room tour.

These storage systems are really good for customizing to the space you already have. I highly recommend them.

Storage By Stampin' UP! is an affordable option for storing your ink pads and other fun stamping items.

Click below to purchase Storage By Stampin’ UP!

Links For Stamp N Storage Ink Pad Storage

Ink Pad & Ink Refill

Ink Pad & Marker Holder

Combo Holder

This blog post includes affiliate links. This means I might earn a commission when you click on the links, but there is no additional cost to you. No one has paid me to use specific products, I share what I love and hope you enjoy.

1 thought on “How to Store and Organize Ink Pads”

  1. Hi Wendy! Love your cards and tutorials. I am in the process of purging.and cleaning my craft room. I was wondering about storage for my inkpads, double markers and ink refills. Everything I have seen so far looks as though it only allows for one marker for each ink pad. What do you do with that second marker?


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