I miss my work!!!

Hi Everyone,
Just stopping in to tell you that I am MISSING MY JOB!!!!  Here’s what’s going on in my house… I have had a sick kiddo and sick husband all week.  What does this mean?  This means I don’t get to work.  Therefore, I have no videos or blog posts for you.  EEKS.

Macie will be heading back to school tomorrow.  Thank you Jesus she is better.  So I am hoping to get some much needed crafting time in.  AND hopefully will have something fun and new to post about.  I do have some exciting news!

I am moving out of the small office I am in and taking over the entire dining room.  The space is about triple in size.  I am converting the dining room into a multipurpose room.  Crafting/homeschool/office.  I will have a lot of pictures for you as the time goes on!

My Niners lost the super bowl! BLECH, ACK, GADS…. I am still recovering.  Next year… next year!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well… drop me a comment and let me know what’s new in your life!



  1. Carrie K says

    Glad to hear Macie is feeling better! Wow! Three times te size of your current room! That will be nice for you. I have a pretty large room but it seems like it is never big enough!!

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