Introducing Cling Stamps from Stampin’ UP!

Cling stamps by Stampin' UP! coming January 3rd Wendy Cranford #stampinup #handmade #create #crafts #cardmaking #clingstamps

I am OVER THE MOON excited about the new cling stamps that are coming to Stampin’ UP!

Have you ever had your red rubber stamp fall of the clear block?  It’s a little annoying, however I do have a fix for you.  CLICK HERE to see that.

Today I wanted to show you the new cling stamps and give you some tips on how to use them and what you can expect out of them.

Cling stamps by Stampin' UP! coming January 3rd Wendy Cranford #stampinup #handmade #create #crafts #cardmaking #clingstamps

Here is a quick 2 minute video showing you how to put these stamps together.  I’ve also gone over some tips that you will need to know.

CLICK HERE to see all the new stamp sets coming out that will be Cling stamps.


Note: Once you place the label on the stamp, it is adhered permanently.Attempting to remove or adjust the label will damage the stamp’s foam.

  • + Remove the paper backing from the label.
  • + Remove your selected stamp from the rubber sheet and remove the paper backing from the stamp.
  • + Line up the foam side of the stamp with the image label, then press it evenly to adhere it to the label. Make sure it is correctly positioned before you adhere it to the stamp.
  • + Remove the stamp and its newly-affixed image label from the label sheet.
  • + Place the stamp on an acrylic block to begin stamping.
  • + To remove the stamp from the block, grasp securely near the image label and remove slowly. (Cling stamps stick so well that if they are not carefully removed from the block, the foam can tear.) To clean the labels, simply rinse under running water. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners.

Have you requested a catalog from me yet?  You will want a catalog so that you can order some of these amazing stamps.

I do ask only request a catalog if I am your demonstrator and you have intent to place an order.  Is that rude of me? LOL. Just trying to save a tree and my pocket book. I am very thankful for you and excited to send your catalog if you need one.


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