Introducing the New 2020-2022 Stampin’ UP! In Colors

2020-2022 Stampin' UP! In Colors card ideas

Every year Stampin’ UP! releases five new in colors. These colors are meant to be on trend with colors that are popular in the industry.

I must say these are my favorite since I started Stampin’ UP!

Generally there is one or two in colors that takes me a while to warm up to. Not this year, I love them all.

Let me introduce you to each of them.

Stampin' UP! Magenta Madness in colors card

Magenta Madness is a gorgeous bright pink that speaks to my soul. I love bright colors and I really love pink. So this one will be one of my most often used colors, I’m certain.

Stampin' UP! Misty Moonlight in colors card

Misty Moonlight is a fantastic rich blue color that lends itself to masculine cards and an array of other uses. This blue is a different than the other blues Stampin’ UP! blues. It’s a must!

Stampin' UP! Cinnamon Cider in colors card

Cinnamon Cider is epic. I actually would eat it if I could. It reminds me of a yummy baked good that I could sit and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Stampin' UP! Just Jade in colors card

Just Jade is just lovely. It’s a cool and inviting green that I absolutely love. It’s got a muted tone that makes it great for so many card ideas.

Stampin' UP! Bumblebee in colors card

Bumblebee is joy. Happy and fun this color is bright and fun and is very similar to some of our other yellows but it definitely stands on it’s own.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Now tell me, which is your favorite new In Color!? Comment below or on my YouTube video and tell me which one you love the most.

Please note these items are not available to purchase until June 3rd 2020!

5 thoughts on “Introducing the New 2020-2022 Stampin’ UP! In Colors”

  1. Magenta madness, Bumblebee, Cinnamon cider, Misty moonlight and then Just jacd. Those cards are gorgeous. Good thank you cards.

  2. Thank you Wendy for your humanity. We are all created in God’s image and racism is a sin against God. I hope, as a country, we learn this.

  3. My favorite color is Just Jade but I love them all. Love the cards. Thanks for Sharing I am disappointed with myself that I am not going to the PJ Party in June but during this COVID tIme I just can’t get with it. Hopefully I will participate in the next one. Love your new creative space. Wishing you the best stay safe
    Karen McDougall


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